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What is the Belief of Sigmund Freud in psychoanalysis?

  Shortened 'cliff notes' version on Freud: He believed that the mind is like an iceberg, mostly hidden -- that our 'unconscious' mind is the key to all our angst.  (MORE)

Where is Sigmund Freud buried?

Freud's body was cremated at Golders Green Crematorium and his ashes were placed in the "Columbarium", London, UK.
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Definition of personality by sigmund freud?

"Personality is an individual's unique thoughts, feelings and behavior that persist over time and different situations" by Sigmund Freud
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What are the example of conscious by sigmund freud?

Dr. Freud defined the "conscious" mind as the awake, aware mind in highly operational mode--as opposed to the "unconscious" mind, which would represent the mind at sleep, or s (MORE)

What does Sigmund Freud say about religion?

To say that Sigmund Freud was highly disdainful of religion in general would really be an understatement. From the perspective of his work in psychology, he generally treated (MORE)
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Was Sigmund Freud crazy?

Some people do believe that Sigmund Freud was crazy. This is  because he had some very controversial theories about many  subjects. So while some believe he was a quack, he (MORE)