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What is faradic stimulation?

  it is a shor t duration interrupted direct current,with a pulse duration of 0.1-1 ms.a frequecy of 50-100hz. -it is unevenly alterntaing current,each cycle consisting (MORE)
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How do you stimulate appetite?

This blogger identifies with this issue and offers some tips on  stimulating appetite:    "In light of my experience, and because I know there are others out  there w (MORE)

Is sugar a stimulant?

Not necessarily. Sugar is not a stimulant by itself, however, it causes the production of insulin. Insulin is a hormone vital to regulating the amount of energy in your body. (MORE)
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Is alcohol an stimulant?

No, Alcohol is actually a depressant, even though it makes you feel good for a while. Technically, it is both a stimulant and a depressant. After your blood-alcohol reaches a (MORE)

Is THC a stimulant?

THC has side effects of all 3 categories, stimulant, depressant, and hallucinogen, however it is only categorized in the hallucinogen section. When the THC chemical is absorbe (MORE)

Where can a neuron be stimulated?

Artificially, this can be achieved by inserting a tiny glass electrode into the soma (cell body). This is called 'patch-clamping'. Another way is to use extracellular electrod (MORE)
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Is phenobarbital a stimulant?

phenobarbital is a barbiturate, used to treat seizures. it has properties of a sedative, not a stimulant
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Is taurine a stimulant?

nope. it heaps stabilise the brain cells which is why it's used to help treat epilepsy (as a mild sedative). it's found in energy drinks to counteract the effects of the caff (MORE)

Is oxycodone a stimulant?

Technically it is an opiate, and often considered a narcotic and a  depressant. With high doses, it will likely make you sleepy and  even unconscious.    But if taken (MORE)
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What is stimulating play?

Stimulating play is play that stimulates the mind. It helps sensory development and is crucial for the development of babies and toddlers. Stimulating play can be engaged at (MORE)