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How do you get summer?

we get summer when the sun is facing England. The sun rises up to make the days longer meaning the sun takes longer to get to mid day plus the sun is extra hot than usually.
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Why do we have summer?

Because the earth is not perfectly "lined up" with the sun, it is tilted to one side, a tilt which remains more or less the same as the earth travels around the sun, so for a ( Full Answer )
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What is the summer?

summer is the time of year when the birds chirp and the sun shines and the grass is green. it appears after spring, and makes everybody heart feel warm inside. summer is the b ( Full Answer )
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What is a summerization?

Summerization is a do it yourself auto maintenance for summer driving such as renewing wiper blades replacing fuses new battery installation etc
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What can you do this summer?

This summer you should go in Marine land for season pass, Wonderland,CN Tower, Ontario Place, Museum, zoo, also the Exhibition and there is a short form for the Exhibition, Th ( Full Answer )
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What do they do in summer?

In summer you can either go to the beach, go to the park, go on vacation, play outside, or go to a friends house. Also, you can visit anyone, go to the carnival, AND go to chu ( Full Answer )
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How do you summerize?

You can prepare for summer by wearing colorful clothes. You can getyour home ready for summer by changing the drapes.
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What is that summer about?

, Since you want to know about summer so let me tell you.Summer is a season in which the temperatures increase rapidly and at some places it becomes unbearably hot. It is a ( Full Answer )
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What about summer?

summer is cold and we should stay in the house and drink coco and when it snows in the summer we should play football in the snow.
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What can we do when its summer?

There is an endless amount of possibilities of things you can do! Just think, ice skating, rock climbing, sleeping in, vacation, biking, hiking, parties,going to parties,etc. ( Full Answer )