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Where is Sydney?

Sydney is situated on Australia's eastern coast. The city is builtaround Port Jackson, which includes Sydney Harbour and the famousHarbour Bridge. It is the capital of New Sou ( Full Answer )
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How did Sydney settlers reach Sydney?

They came from England by sailing ship around the Cape of Good Hope in a voyage lasting up to eight months.
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When was Sydney made?

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, was first settled with thearrival the First Fleet on 26 January 1788. Governor Arthur Philliporiginally named the colony "New Albion", ( Full Answer )
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Why was Sydney named Sydney?

Arthur Phillip named Sydney Cove on Port Jackson after the British Home Secretary, Thomas Townshend, the First Viscount Sydney of England, in recognition of Sydney's role in i ( Full Answer )
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What can you do in sydney?

Sydney is one of the famous city in New South Wales,Australia. Sydney has lot thing to do like Cruising, opera house tour, Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, blue mountain tours, ( Full Answer )
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When was Sydney named Sydney?

Sydney was founded in 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip who was sent to Australia from England to establish a penal colony. He landed first at Botany Bay 8 km to the south but, f ( Full Answer )
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Where in Sydney is the Sydney harbor Bridge?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge links the Sydney CBD (central business district) on the southern shore of the Sydney Harbour to an area known as the North Shore on the northern side ( Full Answer )
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Why is Sydney Famous?

Sydney is famous for many reasons. 1) It is the most populous city in Australia, and the state capitalof New South Wales. 2) It is the site of the first British colony in Aust ( Full Answer )
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Is penrith in sydney?

Penrith is part of the Western Suburbs of Sydney, and is classified to be in the Sydney region.