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What is the capital of Tanzania?

The official capital city of the United Republic of Tanzania is Dodoma and has been since 1996. However, aside from the legislature, much of the government is still located (MORE)

Are there scorpions in Tanzania?

Yes, you will find them there: "African Black Tail Scorpion" . Distribution: Africa (Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania ). Asia (Saudi Arabia, Yemen).

Is Tanzania a LEDC?

Yes... It is an LEDC... .. Africa is NOT an LEDC as it is a CONTINENT! A whole CONTINENT cannot be an LEDC. The majority of countries in Africa are LEDC's though.

Are their Rivers in Tanzania?

There are several rivers in Tanzania with the largest being RufijiRiver. Tourists whom visit a Tanzania safari or for a holiday tendto take advantage of the incredible wildlif (MORE)

What can you do in Tanzania?

Just a couple of suggestions: . You can go on a wildlife safari . You can hike Mount Kilimanjaro/Mount Meru You can also go on a Coffee/Banana plantation tour and a wa (MORE)
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What was Tanzania before Tanzania?

In colonial times, Tanzania was not formed yet. It was formed from a colony named Tanganyika and an island named Zanzibar. In 1900, Tanganyika was governed by the Germans, an (MORE)

How do they dress in Tanzania?

tanzania has many different tribes. most tribes have theirdistinctive dress. common in tanzania and east africa is the kanga,a cotton shawl bearing traditional swahili proverb (MORE)

What borders Tanzania?

It is bordered by Kenya and Uganda to the north; Rwanda , Burundi , and the Democratic Republic of theCongo to the west; Zambia , Malawi , and Mozambique tothe sout (MORE)