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What can taxonomy do?

Generally speaking, taxonomy is defined as the practice and  scientific study of the classifiction of things or concepts. It  favors clarity, economy, stability, and uniquen (MORE)

What is the taxonomy for a poodle?

Like all domestic dogs, the poodle has the following taxonomy. Kingdom - Animalia, Phylum - Chordaya, Class - Mammalia, Order - Carnivora, Family - Canidae, Genus (MORE)

What the levels of taxonomy?

Contrary to just about every answer I've seen, they are all out dated, a new level was added recently, Domain. The levels now proceed as Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, (MORE)

What is biochemical taxonomy?

Biochemical Taxonomy also called  chemotaxy is a method of biological classification based  on similarities in the structures of certain compounds among the  organisms bei (MORE)
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What is the taxonomy for ligers?

The liger can be described taxonomically as a cross between Panthera Leo (the lion) and Panthera Tigris (the tiger). There is no standard binomial name for the liger, as liger (MORE)

What is the taxonomy for chimpanzee?

Chimpnazee taxonomy: Suborder: Haplorrini Infraorder: Simiformes SuperfamilY: Hominoidea Genus: Pan Species: Pan troglodytes Subspecies: P.t.schweinfurthii, (MORE)

What is the domain in taxonomy?

Domain is the largest taxonomy category-- it is the broadest taxonomy category. It is followed by the categories kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus & species (with s (MORE)
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What is the taxonomy of a monkey?

Old world monkeys   Kingdom: Animalia   Phylum: Chordata   Clade: Synapsida   Order: Primates   Suborder: Haplorhini   Superfamily Cercopithedcoidea  (MORE)