Dating back over 35 million years and native to North America, as well as throughout Europe and Asia, roses are perennial plants that can vary in type as much as they can in color. It is thought that these early flowers, resembling the wild Sweetbrier, were used for food and medicine. This category contains questions regarding their nature and livelihood, biological makeup, and how to care for them.

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Is there such thing as a purple rose?

There are light purple or lavender roses, and even roses called "purple splash" that are part purple and have small and few petals. As for the traditional looking Tea Rose that is Purple?...not yet.

It seems Blue and Purple are the most difficult colors to create in roses.

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What is the scientific name for purple roses?

The rose is a type of flowering shrub and the scientific name for purple roses is Rosa.The flowers of the rose grow in many different colors, from the well-known red rose to yellow roses and sometimes white or purple roses.

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What does 6 red roses and 1 pink rose mean?

You'd have to ask the person who sent them to you to know for sure, but my interpretation would be that the red roses represent love, while the single pink rose could mean that out of a sea of potential loves, you are 'the one'.

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Royal daulton vase think the pattern is called either wild rose or winter rose It is over 50 years old and I wonder if you could give me its value?

Hi, Eather wild rose or winter rose the value on both would be around $69.00. Hope this helped:)

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Are roses flowers?

Yes, roses are flowering plants.

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What color rose symbolizes love?

Symbols of love in roses:

  • Red- Passionate love
  • Dark Red- Unconscious beauty
  • White- Innocent and pure love
  • Yellow- Philos (friendly love)
  • Pink- Gentle/Sweet love
  • Blue- Impossible/mysterious love
  • Orange- Fascination, Passionate Love
  • Lavender- Love at first sight, enchantment
  • Red and White- Unity, Unified Love.

Name of marigold flower in sanskrit?

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How do you properly clean a cut which was caused by a rose thorn?

Clean it with rubbing alcohol, then add some Iodine to it. Keep the cut clean until it is fully healed.


Are roses living or non living?

Living things

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Can you still be pregnant if your temperature dropped on day 18 then rose again on day 19 dropped on day 21 and rose again on day 22?

In my honest opinion I would not rely on your Body temperature to indicate the possibility of pregnancy as body temperatures rise and decrease at various times of the day for various reasons, most of them not pregnancy related.

The best thing to do is to see if your period arrives. If it doesn't then perform a pregnancy test. Any time you have unprotected intercourse there is a chance you may be pregnant. Good luck TTC.

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What does one red rose mean?

The person who gave it to you loves you a red rose symbolizes love

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How it was the relationship between Serafina Delle Rose and Rosario Delle Rose in the rose tattoo by Tennessee Williams?

Serafina was Rosario's widow in the Rose Tattoo. Serafina worshipped Rosario and was blind to his faults including his affair with another woman. The play is about Serafina's transformation from being Rosario's mindless groupie to (nothing without him) to a woman who comes into her own.

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What does 11 red roses mean?

It means good luck.


How big can a rose thorn grow?

As big as a grape.

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What does a yellow rose symbolize?

The Yellow rose means Friendship, Joy and Get Well.

Also infidelity.

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Why would a rose bush stop making more roses?

Many roses only flower once or twice in a season and are not repeat flowering. If the rose is not flowering over a very long time, the soil may be too rich in nitrogen, and not high enough in the other needed elements. Garden centers have products that will promote flowering, or try ash around the plant. The other possibility is that the plant is now more shaded than before, as roses need full sun to flower well.

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What are the different color of roses and what do the colors mean?

Roses in general mean - Caring, fullness of life, great success in creative enterprises, healing, lost/past love, love, popularity.

In the Victorian Language of Flowers

Roses, All colours - Love

Rose, Burgundy - Unconscious beauty

Rose, Deep red - Bashful shame

Rose, White - I am worthy of you

Rose, Yellow - Passion - Decrease of love - Jealousy

Rose, Red & White - Unity

Rose, Austrian - Thou art all that is lovely

Rose, Boule de Neige - Only for thee

Rose,Bridal, White - Happy love

Rose, cabbage, Pink, White - Ambassador of love

Rose, Campion - Only deserve my love

Rose, Carolina - Love's dangerous

Rose, Charles le fievree - Speak low if you speak love

Rose, China Beauty - always new

Rose, Christmas - Relieve my anxiety

Rose given daily, Any colour - Thy smile I aspire to

Rose, Damask, White, Striped - Brilliant complexion

Rose, Dog - Pleasure & pain

Rose, Gloire de Dejon - A messenger of love

Rose, Guilder Winter - Age

Rose, Hundred leaved - Pride

Rose, Japan - Beauty is your only attraction

Rose, John Hopper - Encouragement

Rose, La France - Meet me by moonlight

Rose, Maiden blush - If you love me you will find it out

Rose, Montiflora - Grace

Rose, Mundi - Variety

Rose, Musk, single - Capricious beauty

Rose, Musk, cluster - Charming

Rose, Nephitos - Infatuation

Rose, Unique - Call me not beautiful

Rose, York & Lancaster - War

Rose, single Pink - Simplicity

Rose, thorn-less, Any colour - Early attachment

Rose, withered, White - Transient impression

Rose, full-blown placed over two buds- Secrecy

Rose, crown of - Reward of virtue

Rose bud, Red - Pure &lovely

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What does a pink rose stand for?


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What colors make burgundy?

if you're mixing paint, i would start with a warm red, add a bit of warm, deep blue, and then, if you need to darken, add a tiny bit of true black.......that's what i would do.


What are rose plant flowers used for?

What are Rose plant flowers use for.

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What does the name Rose mean?

fame, kind, optimistic, friendly, loving, social, sweet, mischievous, frightening, beautiful, energetic


What is the meaning of 7 roses?


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Why would the leaves on your wild rose bushes be turning yellow in June?

== == * You've either let the rose bush get too dry or over watered it. Also check on the back of the leaves (also in the rose pedals) for bugs. If you have any insects on the bush then use 'Safer's Bar Soap' use a potato peeler and put the pieces in a spray water and add tepid water, then spray your rose bushes (all of them or any other plants around them) including the group at the bottom of the plants. Safe Soap is environmentally friendly and it's been used for years. * Yellow leaves are caused by many different factors: too dry, too wet, insects, disease, lack of Nitrogen, lack of air, too much sun, not enough sun just to list a few. Insufficient amounts of Nitrogen can also cause leaves to yellow. If this is the case, water rose bush well. four or so hours later, when roots are actively "drinking" water with Rose Food (fertilizer) following concentration directions on package.

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What does two dozen red roses with one white rose in the middle mean?

The sender wants to say "I love you a lot, as you are pure as a white rose"


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