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What culture is Thailand?

Thai culture is a very unique culture in the world. To help understand why, you have to look at history (trust me, I'll get to explaining the culture). You see, Thailand remai (MORE)

What borders Thailand?

The following countries and waters border Thailand:    Burma is located on the Northwest border.   Laos is located on the Northeast border.   Cambodia located o (MORE)

What is the capital of Thailand?

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. It is situated near the northern coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The Western name is Bangkok, the Thai name is Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (MORE)

Is there a Republic of Thailand?

There is no Republic of Thailand.    Thailand is a kingdom - an absolute monarchy - Thailand is  not a democracy. Its head of state is King Bhumibol (Rama  IX). No Th (MORE)

What is the currency of Thailand?

The official unit currency of Thailand is the baht. 100 satang = 1 baht. The currency symbol is ฿
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How big is Thailand?

513,115 km2 (50th) 198,115 sq mi with 2230km2 of water
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Who governs Thailand?

Since 1932, Thailand has been a constitutional monarchy under a  parliamentary democracy system. The Government of Thailand,  formally the Royal Thai Government, is the unit (MORE)
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How cold can it get in Thailand?

The cold in Thailand is relative to the norm. In the northern part  of the nation, temperatures can dip into the low 50s F and even  into the 40s F in the mountains near Chi (MORE)