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Why is Zen Buddhism more prone to violence than Tibetan Buddhism?

Answer 1   Since Buddhism teaches non-violence to all sentient beings I can't  even think of any violence that Zen or any other Buddhist tradition  has perpetrated.  (MORE)

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is a one of the six major religions started in Gya, the  place in India. It is based on the teachings Siddhartha Gautama,  known as the Buddha or "awakened one". So (MORE)

What is the difference between Tibetan Buddhism and normal Buddhism?

Buddhism encompasses several sects that hold a wide range of beliefs, with core Buddhist concepts. The Tibetan branch of Buddhism contains animistic and shamanistic elements. (MORE)

What are the differences between Zen Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism?

As with Christianity in Europe, interpretation and methods of doing things are affected by geography, and the culture within that geography. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is thought (MORE)

Is Tibetan Buddhism the same as Vajrayana Buddhism?

As His Holiness the Dalai Lama explained (in a teaching in Finland, 1988):    "What is common to all the four major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism is their emphasis on (MORE)
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What do tibetans speak?

Tibetan speak Tibetan Language. Tibet has it own language and albhabets, totally different from Chinese language. Tibetan language is being used by 6 million Tibetans and most (MORE)

Is Theravada Buddhism different from Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhism?

Theravada is the only remaining school of Hinayana ('small  vehicle') Buddhism which only follows the original Pali Canon of  Buddhist teachings. These teachings are the clo (MORE)

Who created Tibetan Buddhism?

Tibetan Buddhism dates back to the time of king Trison Detsen. The king invited great masters from India to come to Tibet and introduce Buddhism. These great masters were Shan (MORE)

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