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Where is Warsaw?

Warsaw is on the Vistula and is the capital of Poland.. Warsaw? Middle of Poland.
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When did Warsaw start to be the capital of Poland?

Warsaw became the Capital of Poland in 1596, we can say, accidentally. King Sigismund III, has moved the royal house and his residence to the small town- Warsaw because of gre (MORE)

What were the living conditions in the Warsaw Ghetto?

When it was first established in 1940 the conditions were deplorable and wretched. As time went on, more and more people were sent there from other parts of Warsaw and the su (MORE)
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What was the goal of the Warsaw pact?

The Warsaw Pact came to be seen as quite a potential militaristic threat, as a sign of Communist dominance, and a definite opponent to American capitalism. The signing of the (MORE)

Who were members of the Warsaw pact?

The Warsaw Pact no longer exists. It was disbanded some years ago. Besides the Soviet Union, the other six nations of the Warsaw Pact were East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Bulga (MORE)

What are the highlights of Warsaw?

  I visit Warsaw every year, and im always impressed with the new developments and attractions that are opening up. Being a modern kinda guy, i enjoy visiting the city cen (MORE)

What did Jews do in Warsaw Ghetto?

They lived, they worked, they died. They loved, they hated, they hoped. They slept, they ate and they starved. The ghetto was a city within a city, they did everthing th (MORE)

How Bad was the bombing of Warsaw?

The bombing of Warsaw was very intense. The Germans went on a campaign of demolition, they dropped thousands of tons of explosives on the city. They also used Incendiary Bombs (MORE)

Why did the Warsaw ghetto uprising fail?

The Warsaw Ghetto uprising was actually a relative success. Jews without any serious armament were able to resist Wehrmacht (German military) forces in the confined space of t (MORE)