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What was the Warsaw Ghetto?

Answer . It was a section of the city of Warsaw, Poland, which the Germans walled and fenced off from the rest of the city, into which the Germans crammed Polish Jews - whi (MORE)
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What was the Warsaw Pact?

A military alliance of communist nations in eastern Europe. Organized in 1955 in answer to NATO, the Warsaw Pact included Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hung (MORE)
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Where is Warsaw?

Warsaw is on the Vistula and is the capital of Poland.. Warsaw? Middle of Poland.
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Warsaw is in what country?

It's the capitol of Poland. Apart from that there's a number of towns across the world call ed Warsaw. usually founded by immigrants. quite a few are in US for example.
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What are facts about Warsaw?

well one fact is that there was 400,000 Jews in one time,there were gas chambers, and jews had to line up to die im probably wrog
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Who was in the Warsaw ghetto?

In 1940 the Nazis designated an area of Warsaw as the ghetto (Jewish quarter). All non-Jewish Poles were ordered out of the area, and all Warsaw Jews were ordered into the are (MORE)
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Who founded Warsaw?

The first settlements were Brodno in the 9/10th. century and the Jazdow in the 12/13th Century. The modern Warsaw dates from about 1300 established by Bolislaw ll and became o (MORE)

When was the Warsaw Uprising?

1 August - 2 October 1944 ; see related link below to further information . Note: this uprising should not be confused with the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of April - M (MORE)
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What was the Warsaw ghhetto?

The Warsaw Ghetto was probably the most infamous ghetto during the Holocaust where Jewish prisoners were forced to live and work until they either died or were deported. The c (MORE)