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Auckland to Wellington?

Driving -- allow about 8-9 hours, flying is not too expensive and takes about an hour, or there's also a train that runs daily (takes about 12 hours)
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Where is Wellington located?

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. It is situated on the southwestern tip of the country's North Island, and lies between Cook Strait and the Rimutaka Range.
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What is wellington?

\n. \nWellington Is The Capital City Of New Zealand, and also second Largest city in New Zealand Auckland is the biggest.\n. ) .
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How big is Wellington?

Well, if you're talking about Wellington Kansas, aka "Hellhole" the population is about 3,000 to 5,000. If you're talking about Wellington, New Zealand, at June 2007, the ( Full Answer )
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What are Wellingtons?

Rubber boots, similar to riding boots, but made from rubber and designed to keep you dry when walking in wet weather. Named Wellingtons after the Duke of Wellington - who firs ( Full Answer )
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Who is nakalya wellington?

Nakalya Wellington is a girl that goes to my school and is cool! She has a crush on a guy named Gavim so that's who she is
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Who is Napoleon and Wellington?

Napoleon was the Emperor of France and the head of the French Army at Waterloo. The Duke of Wellington was Arthur Wellesley the leader of the UK forces of the Seventh Coalitio ( Full Answer )
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Where is wellington fl?

Wellington is a village in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. As of 2006, the village had a population of 55,584 according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
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Why is wellington speacial?

Wellington special is an English Pale Ale beer made by WellingtonCounty Brewery, a brewery in Guelph , Ontario.