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Woodrow Wilsons accomplishments?

what were Woodrow wilsons accomplishments? Underwood Act lowering tariffs Implemented a graduated Federal income tax 1913 - Federal Reserve Act 1914 - Antitrust legisl (MORE)

Was President Woodrow Wilson a racist?

Unfortunately, Woodrow Wilson by any modern standard was a racist.During his administration many federal offices were segregated,including post offices, and the census offices (MORE)

Was Woodrow Wilson Mormon?

No. Woodrow Wilson was never a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church). He was a Presbyterian.
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What are facts about Woodrow Wilson?

1. Twenty- eighth president 2. He was in office when we entered WW1 3. He was 56 years old when he took office 4. Couldn't read until he was ten. 5. Graduated from Princeton U (MORE)

Did Woodrow Wilson play sports?

When he was a boy , he played baseball. He later became known as a  devoted fan: he loved college football, and he was a passionate  major league baseball fan. As for his ow (MORE)

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Was Woodrow Wilson a hopeless dreamer?

Although Woodrow Wilson was extremely idealistic and had views that  many people didn't agree with, of course he was not a "hopeless  dreamer." I don't think that descriptio (MORE)