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What is the ymca?

Y.M.C.A. stands for Young Mens Christian Association. It is closely related to a gym or recreational park.

Where is the YMCA?

That depends on where you live, which you did not say. What country and what state and what city?

What were the YMCA characters?

The 4 (Y.M.C.A) characters are typically represented as: 1) Indian 2) Construction Worker 3) Policeman 4) Biker The order is subject to change and not ranked by im ( Full Answer )

What do you main by YMCA?

it use to be know as Young Men Christian Association but, now its known as Young Members Christian Association. Basically a place where kids 1-adults go to hang out to do diff ( Full Answer )

What do YMCA stands for?

ymca stand for young mens cristian accosiations. the ymca used to be a home for men

How old is the YMCA?

1851 - The first YMCA in North America started in Montreal. It was revolutionary for an organization outside of the church to offer religious discussions and activities. The ( Full Answer )

Does YMCA have a pool?

yes the YMCA has a pool but I'm not sure of the times and when its open. You can go to for more info. on that.

Is there track at YMCA?

Yes some of them do. My YMCA track has an indoor track that is upstairs. It is not a full size track though.
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Does the YMCA have cheerleading?

it depends on where you are. where i live (northbrook, Illinois) our YMCA did have a cheer team (i was on it.) as one of their directors.
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Does China have YMCAs?

LOLA (Laughing Out Loud Awesomely) OF COURSE THEY DO!! Cause everyone there loves the song, so they decided to build one. But Adelaide's (Australia) YMCA is by far the best be ( Full Answer )