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What is Zakat?

Allah ta'ala has given us wealth for our livelihood. All men do not possess equal wealth. Some have less and some have more. Allah ta'la has determined the share of the poor i (MORE)
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How is zakat determined?

The AMOUNT is fixed at one-fortieth (i.e., 2.5%) of all one owns, each year. The USES vary. While the general understanding is that's it's charity to support the poor, some of (MORE)
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What is problems of zakat?

There is NO problem with zakat. Alms giving or (Al-zakat) is one of the pillars of Islam , which is giving a specified amount of money from the rich to the poor after some pre (MORE)
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How is zakat collected?

Zakat can be collected in something similar to a tax, but Muslims from a non-Islam country usually either give their Zakat to developing countries or send it to the government (MORE)
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When you pay zakat?

You pay: . 'Zakat Alfitr' any time in Ramadan or after Ramadan but before the feast praying 'salat al eid' or before sunrise of the first day after end of the month of Rama (MORE)
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How is zakat spent?

Zakat is spent on the following categories: 1. The poor and the needy 2. The collectors of Zakat 3.Those who may embrace Islam 4. Passers-by 5. Those who are in a debt 6. Thos (MORE)
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Who can receive zakat?

Many people can receive Zakat. This word basically means 'charity' which means that anyone who is not as fortunate as you, can receive all of your donations. many Muslims dona (MORE)
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What is this zakat for Islam?

"Zakat" also called "Zakah" is the Muslim's (Arabic) word for charity. Where those who have atleast nisaab amount wealth give their 2.5% of wealth to poor and needy Muslims. A (MORE)