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What are the issues in Zimbabwe?

The issues for Zimbabwe began in 1888 when Cecil Rhodes colonized the land and named it Rhodesia. This gave the English settlers all the rights to the land. In 1965 the Prime (MORE)

Who is the President of Zimbabwe?

Robert Gabriel Mugabe is the President of Mugabe. Born on 1924 February 21, Mugabe became a leader of Zimbabwe as part of the movement against minority white rule. He joined (MORE)

Why is Zimbabwe called Zimbabwe?

The name Zimbabwe means a house built from stones, split into two "zimba" means house and "bwe" is stone. The name relates to the Great Zimabwe "Ruins" which were built by lay (MORE)

What food is in Zimbabwe?

  Like in many African countries, a majority of Zimbabweans depend on staple foods. Mealie meal, or cornmeal as it is known in other parts of the world, is used to prepare (MORE)
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Is there a desert in Zimbabwe?

There is a little bit of a desert in Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, part of the Kalahari Desert goes through it. But, it is a small part.
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What is population of Zimbabwe?

Answer #1  At the end of 2008, the population of Zimbabwe was estimated at about 12 million people. The estimated population figures have kept on climbing despite the challen (MORE)