03 Ford Focus what causes the dash lights stay on when ignition is shut off oil warning temp etc?

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Try unhooking your black battery wire for an hour, or so, then re-hook it.
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How do you fix dash and parking lights on a Ford Focus?

To replace the lights in the instrument cluster, around the gauges and stuff, you have to remove the whole gauge cluster. The following steps worked on my 2002 4 door LX sedan. 1: Remove the 3 hex head screws on the top of the black gauge bezel. 2: Unsnap the two tabs on the right and left of th ( Full Answer )

After replacing the master cylinder on your 1996 Ford Aerostar the warning lights on the dash stay lit what is the problem?

Your brakes need bleeding. And if you have antilock brakes, you should take it to a shop to bleed them. It takes special tools to bleed antilock brakes. If you have regular brakes you can bleed them yourself. Could go into further detail but would take too long to explain. Refer to a repair manual. ( Full Answer )

What causes Ford Taurus battery warning light to stay on?

I'm not sure about all of these, but I have a 98 Taurus and the battery light came on. After a few days, the car died altogether and I had to replace my alternator. I would definitely take the battery indicator seriously and have your alternator checked.

My Subaru 2000 impressa warning lights stay on all the time even when the car is shut down. How can I get them turned off?

Hey this happened to me a while ago while I was installing an aftermarket head unit. When you disconnect the battery in a Subaru you have to reset the cars computer or the hazard lights will continuously flash. First, put your keys in the ignition. Next, locate a small button down by your pedals on ( Full Answer )

Why would battery warning light stay on when driving on a Ford Focus 2005 model?

Sounds like the alternator may not be recharging the battery properly Use a voltmeter to check A fully charged battery shoukld read approx. 12.8 without engine running Should read 13.8-14.2 with engine running with a good alternator Ford Focus 2001 - My experience with battery light comi ( Full Answer )

Why do your parking lights stay on when you turn ignition off on a 98 Ford Taurus?

The parking lights may stay on because the headlights have not beenturned off completely. If the car is parked, the key is out of theignition, and the headlights are turned all the way off, the issueis in your electrical system. It will need to be taken to amechanic to be tracked down and repaired.

Why does Brake light stay on Ford Focus?

From just the bare information that was supplied, the first place to start would be to see if the brake light switch (located under the dash, very close to the top of the brake pedal arm) could have failed or (very unlikely) become mis-adjusted.

Dash lights and radio flashing on and off 03 ford Windstar?

If your dash lights and radio are flashing on and off on your 2003Ford Windstar, you have an electrical problem that needs fixed. Youcan start by removing the dash and ensuring all wires are properlysecured.

Why '03 Ford Focus OD light on?

The od light means that the over-drive is off. Pushing the little button on the shifter selector will turn it on (when the dummy light is not on) and off (when the dummy light is lit).

What causes a battery warning lite to flicker on after the car is shut off this is in a ford focus 04-the- light stays off when the car is running and car appears to be charging and running normal?

From your description it sounds as if the warning light is operating correctly. When the engine is running the battery is being charged and the electrical needs of the vehicle are being fully met by the alternator's output and the battery is not expending stored power. When you turn the engine off t ( Full Answer )

Why does your cluster dash lights flicker on 2000 ford focus?

You might try moving the little adjustment wheel that dims and brightens the dash lights. It is connected to an electrical rheostat that might have become a little corroded over the years. "Exercising" (adjusting) the brightness up and down several times might be enough to re-establish a good, non-c ( Full Answer )

Ford focus 2006 Engine warning light is on?

Get your garageman to do an engine diagnosis. Mine has been on since 2001 and it is a 2001 Focus... otherwise don't let it bother you too much, because it's probably a computer malfunction. You can try disconnecting your positive battery cable for a couple hours and then hook it back up because it m ( Full Answer )

Why is the door warning light on in your Ford Focus?

\n. \nBad switch, somewhere, OR... a dorr is ajar.\n. \nThe Trunk Switch has a real problem with the Focus in that it is does not fully close due to dirt or corrosion. Suggest Synthetic grease with a brush all over the sliding parts. You will see 2 wires Black and Red leading to the Latch of the T ( Full Answer )

What does a snowflake light mean on a ford focus dash?

The snowfake usually appears when the weather is really cold, under 4 degrees. As the focus is a European car it is meant to warn the driver that it is cold and the roads could be icy. It also turns red when it is extremely cold.

How do you shut off oil light?

After changing oil, turn the key to the on posistion like you would when starting the car, BUT DO NOT START THE MOTOR!!!! Then, pump the brake pedal slowly 3 times. This should give you a message that says "Engine Oil Life Reset.". Hope this helps. If not, look in your owners manual for your car, i ( Full Answer )

What causes the warning light for the handbrake to stay on even though the handbrake is off on the dashboard?

i asked the question but have since found out the problem, it turned out to be a low fluid level in the brake master cylinder. i found out by sideways banging to the brake foot pedal which made the warning light flicker which led me to believe something w ( Full Answer )

What would cause my dashboard warning light to stay on when the emergency brake is off.?

Warning Light for Parking [Emergency] Brake Usually, the cause for this is that the switch used to sense the position of the Parking brake lever is either out of adjustment, or the contacts within the switch are stuck together. The switches are usually operated by a "plunger" pin which is spring l ( Full Answer )

What do all the ford ranger dash warning lights mean?

Check out ( www . motorcraft service . com ) no spaces Click on Owner Guides You can view the Owner Guides online ( currently back to 1996 ) You can see pictures and meanings of the dash warning lights

Why is your 2005 Ford Focus shutting off at red lights and the engine shaking?

You may need a tuneup, which consists of new plugs and wires. Could be the fuel injection needs cleaning, or several other things. Could be the fuel filter is clogged with crap from this inferior gas we're being forced to use. Fuel filter change is the least expensive. A "tuneup" (wires and plugs) i ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when turn car on a oil light stays on for few seconds and then shuts off?

The oil light come on if there is not enough oil pressure. When you first start up, the oil pump needs a little time to build up the pressure. However, you should check that the oil reservoir is full with the dip stick (with the car cold and on level ground). It may also be that the oil and oil fi ( Full Answer )

Why will your car radio and lights not shut off with keys out of ignition?

Some cars are designed to do that; and the radio will shut off when you open the driver's side door, the lights will probably "time out" after 30 seconds after leaving the car. if radio is aftermarket the installer gave constant battery power to memory and power leads p.s yellow wire gets constant p ( Full Answer )

Where is fuel shut off 2006 Ford Focus?

According to the 2006 Ford Focus Owner Guide : The fuel pump shut off switch ( inertia switch ) is in the front passenger foot well , behind the kick panel access cover * but the drawing in the Owner Guide shows there is an access hole