03 Ford Focus what causes the dash lights stay on when ignition is shut off oil warning temp etc?

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Try unhooking your black battery wire for an hour, or so, then re-hook it.
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What causes Ford Taurus battery warning light to stay on?

I'm not sure about all of these, but I have a 98 Taurus and the battery light came on. After a few days, the car died altogether and I had to replace my alternator. I would de

Why would battery warning light stay on when driving on a Ford Focus 2005 model?

Sounds like the alternator may not be recharging the battery properly Use a voltmeter to check A fully charged battery shoukld read approx. 12.8 without engine running S

Why '03 Ford Focus OD light on?

The od light means that the over-drive is off. Pushing the little button on the shifter selector will turn it on (when the dummy light is not on) and off (when the dummy light

What causes a battery warning lite to flicker on after the car is shut off this is in a ford focus 04-the- light stays off when the car is running and car appears to be charging and running normal?

From your description it sounds as if the warning light is operating correctly. When the engine is running the battery is being charged and the electrical needs of the vehicle

Why is the door warning light on in your Ford Focus?

\n. \nBad switch, somewhere, OR... a dorr is ajar.\n. \nThe Trunk Switch has a real problem with the Focus in that it is does not fully close due to dirt or corrosion. Sugge
In Ford Focus

Why is your 2005 Ford Focus shutting off at red lights and the engine shaking?

You may need a tuneup, which consists of new plugs and wires. Could be the fuel injection needs cleaning, or several other things. Could be the fuel filter is clogged with cra