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07 sierra 2500 truck w trailer camper package you are not getting 12 volts to the camper cable even when the lights are on and the trailer tow switch is on How do you get power to the camper?

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2009-08-25 23:33:34

Gmc wants dealers to hook up wire- factory does not do this.

1 Make sure you read the manual for fuse number and location

40amp, and that the fuse is installed (It should be).

2 A stud for the power wire is located directly in front of the

fuse box under the hood in line with the fuse for the trailer

power. (If you pull the fuse you will see the tab move when you

touch the connector on the stud.)

3 under the master cylinder or in that area you should see a Red

wire wrapped and taped to part of another wire harness. Pull off

tape and extend the wire and connect to the stud. (Nut not supplied

- Fine thread)

4 Power to trailer should be good to go.

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