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1984 Volvo dl 244 will not go in overdrive?

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Assuming you have the rather peculiar electronic overdrive box connected to a manual transmission, the first place I would look would be the overdrive button switch located inside the gearshift knob. The knob can be removed by pulling straight off, firmly but carefully. There are 2 wires running up inside the gear lever shaft that connect to the switch. If one of these has come loose the shifter will not work. A more difficult problem is if the wires have broken somewhere inside the gear lever. That involves removing the lever and tracing the wires, not something to try unless you're at least moderatly inclined mechanically. As you may have guessed, I faced both of these problems with my 240!

2006-09-01 00:31:47
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What is the difference between a 1989 Volvo 240 DL and Volvo 244?


What is the Fuel consumption Volvo 244 dl 1985?

with OD in good condition, 24-32MPG Without OD, 18.5-22.5MPG

1986 240 DL Volvo automatic transmission wont go into overdrive?

Check either: Solenoid, Wiring, Switch, or OD Relay.

What is the Proper Spark plug gap for an 1984 Volvo 240 DL?

Gap to plug not the car, .0028-.0045"?

What is the gas tank size in a Volvo 240 dl?

My 1982 244 GL tank was 60 liters / 13.2 imperial gallons / roughly 16 U.S. gallons

Automatic transmission locked in overdrive on a Volvo 240 DL?

what years is it? My 83 244gl automatic switch went bad on the shifter and was stuck with overdrive off. I pulled the switch out and unplugged it. Then I connected tapped the wires together with screwdrivers and turned the overdrive on that way. Now i just drive with it on.

What is the difference between Volvo 240 DL and Volvo 245 DL?

Sometime in the 1980's Volvo dropped the old numbering sequence of 242, 244, 245 to delineate their 200 series cars and went to calling them all 240's. The DL and GL are trim and equipment levels with the DL being the lower or less expensive. The old numbers meant first, the series number. Second is the number of engine cylinders and the third was the number of doors the car had. A 245 is a 200series car, with a 4 cylinder engine and 5 doors is a station wagon.

What does dl on a Volvo stand for?

De Luxe

Why would a 1983 Volvo 244 DL not start after having problems with and replacing the transmission mount?

Make sure there is a ground wire from the transmission to the frame. Most likely is has been un hooked or misplaced .

Can you replace the tail light lens of a 1984 Volvo 240 DL sedan with the lens from a 1985 Volvo 240?

well compare them after you take them out becaue sometimes they have different connections and if they do then you have to switch the plugs to make them fit.

Does a 1989 Volvo 240 dl come with a v6?


Is there an engine wiring schematic for a 1981 Volvo 242 DL?

Yes, there is an engine wiring schematic for a 1981 Volvo 242 DL. You can find this schematic online at places like Volvo Tips and E Euro Parts.

What is the spark plug gap size for a 1989 Volvo 240 DL 2.3 that is not turbo?

The 1989 Volvo was offered in the model 244 with a 2.3L L4. The gap for this application depends on the spark model and electrode material. Iridium and platinum plugs for the application come pre-gapped from the factory.

How do you add transmission fluid to a 1985 Volvo 240 dl?

This may not be much help but I have a 1984 UK Volvo 240 dl which I changed the fluid on some years ago. As I recall it was simply a case of undoing a drain plug on the transmission casing and refilling after undoing another nut physically higher up the casing.

1990 Volvo 240 timing belt marks?

how do adjust timing belt on a volvo 240 DL ?

How do you reset engine Light on 1991 Volvo 240 DL?

how do you reset engine light on 1991 volvo 240

Will same battery fit a 1990 Volvo 240 dl sedan as a 2002 Volvo cross country wagon?


How do you install a Tachometer in a Volvo 240 DL?

How many cylinders does a 1988 Volvo 240 DL wagon have?

All Volvo 240 models have four cylinder engines. The four in 240 indicates it is a four cylinder, just like the Volvo 260 is a six cylinder. The last number in the model designation indicates the number of doors. A 242 is a two-door. A 244 is a four-door sedan, and a 245 is a station wagon (estate).

Tire size for 1987 Volvo 240 dl?


Where do you find a rim for a Volvo 240 DL 1988?

ebay, salvage yards, craigslist, local used foreign/volvo shops

What is the oil capacity of 1984 Volvo gl diesel?

According to my Chilton's Volvo repair book : The ( 1980 to 1983 ) DL , GL , Diesel takes : With engine oil filter change : ( 7.4 U.S. quarts ) * my book only covers up to the 1983 models *

How do you remove Volvo 240 dl wheel covers?

Pull on them. They are held on with spring clips.

What is points gap on 1980 Volvo dl 4-cylinder?

no points , electronic

What is the firing order for a 1980 Volvo 242 dl?

1 - 3 - 4 - 2