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1987 Acura integra What other Acura or Honda bodys will the engine fit?



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If I understand the question correctly, you're wondering what cars the '87 Integra engine will fit in. The only car I know for a fact that it will fit with modifications to wiring and ECU would be the Honda CRX, I'm unsure of the years but it shouldn't be too hard to find. If you're wondering what engines will fit in the '87 Integra, there aren't many alternatives. There's the '88-'89 Integra engines, those have an extra 5 horses over the '86-'87 engines but you will have to redo wiring and get a new ECU. A better choice would be the JDM Browntop Integra ZC. A direct swap with no modification required and has around 30 more horses than the stock engine.