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The problem is with the lock segment itself. The unit is made with some cheap type of alloy and the tip that goes into the bracket that locks the door is 99% of the time broken. I got a replacement lock from the junk yard and jury-rigged mine. You may have to do the same. Good luck!!

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Why does Mercedes auto door lock stop working?

doors locks & trunk lock not working

Where is petrol cap release on Mercedes clk?

there isn't one. it locks with the door locks. unlocks when doors are unlocked. doesn't pop open you do it by pushing in the door on the front side.

Where is the gas tank latch on a 1990 Mercedes 300 SEL?

There is no latch. The fuel door locks/unlocks with the doors.

I have a Mercedes s430 and the door locks and the trunk will not open could this be a blown fuse?

There is a fuse blown I think is f31

When pressing the door locks switch button on drivers side door it buzzes?

go back to the dealer

How do you lock the trunk on 1992 Mercedes 190e?

On my 1992 190E I can lock the trunk with any of the keyed locks. If you lock the doors, the trunk locks and if you lock the trunk, the doors lock. In other words all the keyed locks are electrically interconnected. In reality the locks are not electrically interconnected. There is a pump in the right side wheel well of the trunk, it uses vacuum to lock all the locks and pressure to unlock them. Although the pump is powered electrically, the locks are not.

Your 1996 Mercedes Benz power locks on the doors do not work?

I removed the 75 amp fuse in the trunk box of my 93 400sel, left it out for 5 mins and put it back, all vac locks work again

What can cause the power locks not to work on a 1990 bronco?

I replaced the drivers door switch on mine and it took care of the problem

Cant open rear passenger door on 1999 suburban?

does it have a child proof lock syetem that locks from drivers door?

How to open gas cover Mercedes?

The gas cover is sometimes locked when the trunk locks. Therefore, unlock the trunk and the gas cover will be unlocked..

Why won't my Mercedes lock?

from what im told the locks on the car are vacuum lines, perhaps your vacuum isn't working or the lines have popped off.

Mercedes c220 1996 door locks operate very slow?

It is interesting that you make that observation. I am not sure all owners would agree with you.

How do door locks work on a1997 e420 Mercedes Benz?

Each of the four doors has a vacuum element that locks/unlocks each lock. The vacuum pump also called a pse pump is located under rear seat next to the battery. This pump supplies the vacuum to each of the door locks when activated.

Can a 1996 Mercedes C220 AC locked compressor be repaired without replacing with new one?

No it can't. The compressor breaks internally and that is why it locks up

What can be the cause of power locks on your 97 Mitsubishi Galant not to unlock but it lock?

the door lock actuator is bad. it is located in the drivers door panel

92 ford f250 power locks don't operate from drivers side switch ok from passenger side switch?

Bad switch?

Where is the fuse for 1995 Ford Explorer power door locks?

On a 1995 Ford Explorer : In the power distribution box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment on the drivers side ( in the 2nd row from the drivers side , and in the 3rd space from the firewall end of the box , is a 30 amp maxi fuse for the power door locks , power windows , and power seats )

Where is the power window sunroof control unit in a Audi A6?

IT is under the drivers seat (it is a security module connected to the windows door locks and moon roof )but the memory for that stuff is on the drivers door beloe the arm rest.

If you locked the keys to your 2002 Mercedes C240 in your gastank which locks if the car is locked will you be able to get your keys from the gastank if the car is unlocked by a locksmith?

On to of the fridgerator where you left them stupid!

2001 Mercedes 400 s class is stuck in park is there a anti theft device that locks the car in park?

Press the brake before you move it out of park

What do fuses in 1989 Mercedes 300 control?

The fuses in the 1989 Mercedes 300 control things like the lighting system, the door locks, the wipers, and the instrument gauges. The fuses also control the trunk latch and the turn lights and brake lights.

How do you find replacement lock for drivers door on 1988 Ford Thunderbird 5.0?

try oriely auto parts they have really cool cylinder locks

What would cause the drivers control panel for the windows to not work for the windows but it will work for the locks and mirrors?

It's probably a loose connection, but it might be the switch.

Only drivers window and locks work in 2000 Bonneville?

Broken wire from master switch to other windows. Usually in the hinge area of the door.

What is wrong when all four power windows stop working and the power locks keep locking?

The drivers door window switch is the master; all power runs thru it first. check the breaker if that is good, I would pull the switch at the drivers door and test both sides of ot; it may just be a loose connection. Power locks are a unrelated/seperate circuit.