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You might want to replace ignition calbles too.

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How do you repair a vacuum cleaner belt?

Vacuum cleaner belts are not repaired, but are replaced.

How can you tell when your vacuum cleaner should be replaced?

You can tell that your vacuum cleaner needs to be replaced when it quits working properly. Signs of that include the belt quits turning or the vacuum quits picking up dirt.

Do brake drums need to be replaced after being saturated with brake fluid?

No, the drums can be cleaned with brake cleaner.No, the drums can be cleaned with brake cleaner.

1994 cadallic Seville sls your check engine light is on but the car is running fine?

I had the same thing happen after the water pump was replaced on my 1999 Seville. The connector to the air cleaner hose was left disconnected. It ran fine, but the light stayed on until it was reset. Hope this helps.

Why would a Chevy S-10 ZR2 4X4 misfire?

Have you tried removing your mass air sensor and cleaning it with a good electrical cleaner?

Will your car idle high due to the intake manifold gasket leaking?

Yes. My 2000 Saturn had a leaking intake gasket, idle about 1900. Also caused misfire in idle and extreme acceleration. Test for leak using brake cleaner on suspected leak. I replaced gasket and all problems fixed.

If fuel filter plugged would fuel injector cleaner work?

No. The filter will need to be replaced.

Should brake drums be replaced if contaminated with gear oil?

NO, All that will clean up with some good cleaner.

How do you clean a mass air flow sensor on a Chevy Suburban?

Purchase a can of mass air flow cleaner and follow the directions on the can. Don't try to clean it with anything else!

Can an old pool vacuum system be shut down and the cleaning replaced with an automatic robotic cleaner?

Yes, but get a pool technician to do it.

How do you change a door solenoid on a C220 Mercedes?

This is a plug and play installation. The door trim will have to be removed for the door(s) that have bad lock actuators. Once removed the motor assemblies and control solenoids can be accessed. The solenoids will have a black wiring harness attached. This can be quickly disconnected and the new actuators replaced. If connectors are dirty or contaminated they can be sprayed with electrical parts cleaner first.Ê

Where can one get parts for a 1990 Hoover Junior vacuum cleaner?

One can get parts for a 1990 Hoover junior vacuum cleaner at ransomspares or at espares. These places have many old spare parts for your old equipment and can get them replaced for you easily.

Misfire on landrover disco td5 year 2002?

the misfire is caused by oil getting into the injector wiring harness that is located underneath the rocker cover replace this harness cost from the dealers is around £40 pull the plug off of the ecu which is located behind the battery under the battery cover clean the ecu plug out with either brake or carb cleaner refit plug back to ecu this along with your new injector harness will cure the misfire a very common fault on the td5.

Why does your engine try to choke out in gear or on acceleration in 1995 GMC Suburban 2500K 4x4 7.4L 454 gas engine?

check your fuel pump, fuel filter and air cleaner

Why is the factory CD player in a 1999 suburban 1500 SLT getting an error message and won't play CDs?

More than likely, it is dirty. Buy a CD cleaner and try that.

What is the distibutor placement for 95 Chevy Suburban 5.7 liter?

At the back of the motor, I think on the passenger side. Just remove the air cleaner assembly and you will see it. Bring a stepladder this is a bear to get to.

Can you clean an egr valve on a chrysler 300 v8?

You could take it off and clean it with carburetor cleaner, but it probably will not help. It will need replaced.

Injectors not working on a 91 suburban?

If the injector wires are not broken where the air cleaner sets on top of the Throttle body, then I would replace the ignition module that's in the distributor underneith the dist. cap.

Which vacuum cleaner parts most often need to be replaced?

The motor has to be replaced the most. Make sure you buy a high end vacuum that will last a long time. If you get a cheap vacuum the motor will burn out often and it is expensive to fix them.

What causes a misfire on cylinder 4 on a 2001 Toyota corolla?

Could be a faulty spark plug or fuel injector for that cylinder. Try getting a new set of spark plugs and add premium octane fuel for a cleaner engine.

How do you put in an air filter for a 2007 scion tc?

Pop the two metal clips on the air cleaner ( black box at the drivers side of the engine compartment). It will lift out exposing the air cleaner element which can be lifted out and replaced. Replace in reverse order.

Can ubuntu be replaced by windows?

Yes, it can be done from the windows installation disk, but it's cleaner if you remove ubuntu with the ubuntu live cd and then install windows.

Your car idles fine above four grand driving down the road it misfire or sputters sometimes After a bottle of fuel cleaner and a tank of high test gas the problem continues and now the check engine li?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem May be a weak fuel pump Plugged fuel filter Dirty air cleaner

2001 Ford Escort SE dies?

The Idle Air Control (IAC) valve is faulty and should be replaced. Another reason is that the fuel filter could be clogged up. Also, the air cleaner element may need to be replaced.

1992 Camaro starts but dies?

Suspect a problem with the MAF sensor, it is located near the air cleaner, If it is disconnected or bad the engine will fire, then the computer will look for air flow, not finding any the fuel will be cut off.