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1990 Ford F150-Driver side windor will not go down or up but you hear the motor trying to work What is the problem?


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The window regulator is gear-driven. The arm that raises and lowers the window has a long curved rack, driven by a gear on the motor. Most likely, if you can hear the motor running, then the gear on the motor is broken, or the gears are stripped. I've had both problems. You'll need to pull the window regulator to disassemble and pull motor to find out for sure which one it is. Either way, it sounds like you'll be changing the motor.


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clicking noise when trying to sart engine usually indicates a flat battery.if the battery is not the problem ,the starter motor needs repair.

Depends on which year/model motor you are trying to use and which year/model you are trying to put it into. Subaru's are built like Lego and most parts are interchangeable, problem is there are substantial wiring modifications required for some swaps.

The motor will hum and act like it is trying to run it's commonly known as single phasing, it will also heat up quite rapidly and if you set up your circuit correctly and have the proper thermal overload protection on it it will trip and protect the circuit and the motor. If the problem is in the motor winding you will have to rewind the motor or replace it

it's a problem with the blower motor resistor

Had a problem the same. One of the pivots where the wiper arm attaches in the drive assembly attached to the wiper motor had ceased. Used assembly, motor and transmission arms $125

Surprisingly, this is an incredibly common problem with 2002 Jeep Liberty models. The most common reasons are a broken switch, a blown fuse or motor, problems with the liner seal, or a broken auto lock. If trying to close the sunroof makes any sort of noise, it is a problem with the motor. If the sunroof doesn't make any noise at all while trying to close it, it is the switch.

Yes, with very little to no modification, from what I understand you can use the same trany from your 03 as well as the computer, and the motor should line up with mounts no problem. Make sure the motor you're trying to drop is a 6G75 3.8L and not a 4G69 2.4L.

Likley a starting motor problem Likley a starting motor problem

Either the battery has a dead cell and needs replacing or something is pulling power from the battery when the engine is off. I had a problem with my 1986 Cadillac DeVille where the power antenna was stuck and the motor would run all night trying to lower the antenna. To resolve the problem I just removed the fuse for the power antenna motor.

Dead short in either wiring or wiper motor Disconnect wiring harness to motor and install fuse--if it continue to "blow" problem in wiring to motor -- if it doesn't problem in motor

This is a good indication that the motor is being overloaded. If the motor load is belt driven, remove the belt and then check the motor amps. If it goes back to normal FLA then there is a problem with the driven load. If the motor amperage stays high check the motor bearings for the problem.

What kind of car/truck? I am changing the motor in a 99 cavalier. I have the door panel off and now I am trying to remove the motor.

it shouldn't take 30 minutes, it sounds like there might be another problem with the bike

The motor needs to be diagnosed to find the exact problem . If the cost of repairs is more than a replacement, then the motor is deemed bad.

You test the motor to find the problem . If you do not have the knowledge to do this, remove the motor and take it to a motor shop.

No. It sounds like you are trying to create a perpetual motion machine. The problem is that the power you input suffers losses that are both mechanical and electrical so that the power you could get out cannot replace the power in.

Then you are trying to get more HP out of the motor that it can supply. Back off on the load that the motor is driving or put a bigger motor onto the load.

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no and maybe it not connected to your car motor and it motor.

You might need to change the "Air Idle Control Motor". If you also have a hard time trying to start your car and keep it running, this can also help the problem.

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