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1990 Toyota pick up with a V6 you smell fuel bad at idling speeds under the hood and can't seem to find a leak anyplace any ideas where it might be coming from?



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After recently completely changing out a 1992 cab to a 1995 cab, there insn't anything i dont know about this year of cab (89-95). one big idea is the carbon canister, my fuel system had several problems after i rolled my truck and the carbon filter leaked fuel on a hot day, if you are not sure what this is it is the plastic canister on the fire wall that has a fuel line on it, a vacuum line on it and a line on the bottom that goes all the way down to the frame, when you smell this, pull the end out of the frame and see if it has fuel on it, or leave the gas cap off for a few hot days and see if the smell goes away, this is a cause of the tank presurizing from the fuel evaporating, and some times if the canisters purge system is broken, then you will have a lot of problems