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how often do you run low on antifreez? and when was the last time the head gasket was changed (milage) head gaskets usually blow at 100k to 150k or less if you rod the car. try to run the car with the radiator cap off when the car is cool!!! if the radiator bubbles it is most likely the head gasket or a warpped head. any other questions i blew mine at 140k it ran fine until total failure and leakage into the #6 cylinder

2011-09-12 14:01:22
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The Hittite Laws, originally established c. 1650 BCE, carried less severe penalties than those of most ancient civilizations. Even homicide, which was a capital offense under the Code of Ur-Nammu, the Code of Hammurabi, the Laws of Eshnunna, etc., could be punished by enslavement of the guilty party, unless the crime occurred in a district that had traditionally executed murderers prior to the establishment of the formal laws.Crimes punishable by death in the Old Period related primarily to offenses against the gods or the King, frequently due to uncleanliness, which was important to the Hittites. The following are examples of capital offenses:Keeping for oneself or one's family sacrifices intended for a god"If anyone rejects the judgment of a magistrate (judge), they shall cut off his head." The theory behind this is that the magistrate was acting in place of the KingDirect defiance of the king (resulted in the execution of one's entire family)Acts causing "pollution or defilement, physical or moral," including certain sexual practicesEntering a temple without authorizationActs of negligence committed in the service of the king or a god (such as accidentally burning down a temple)Failure of a kitchen-hand to bathe at sunrise before preparing food for a godFailure of a servant to report uncleanliness in another servantPollution of food or drink intended for the king or a godTheft from a templePractice of sorcery in the capital, even by members of the royal family (although a queen may be subject to banishment with her family, rather than death)Bestiality, execept with horses and mulesIncestRapeAdultery by the wife (both the wife and her partner received the death penalty; if the husband caught them in the act, he was legally permitted to slay both of them)Hittite Law evolved over the centuries. In the New Kingdom, fewer laws attracted the death penalty and instead became compensatory. Crimes against property were usually resolved by fining the culprit, in an amount suitable to his or her social class; more serious crimes were punished by enslavement or banishment, although the death penalty was still in use.