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check wheel bearings. check tires for cupping or feathering.

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Sounds of airplane?

The sound of the airplane from the outside is pretty loud BUT when you get inside of an airplane and your flying you cant hear any thing

Noise coming from the front end that sounds like a small airplane is flying beside you when going down the highway above 35mph any ideal where the noise is coming from?

check fan clutch if equiped Rick I think this is a matter of the wheel hub bearing... definitely cause i had the same problem... to verify, simply move your steering wheel left and right on the highway or a safe street (not to the point of losing control), and you will see that the noise will fluctuate as you do that procedure... thanks.. Robert

What sounds like a airplane?

a car accelerating.

What sound does an airplane make?

That is hard to describe in words. There are three types of sounds based on the type of engines: (a) propellor airplane, (b) Turbo-prop airplane and (c) Jet-powered airplane.

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Is riding a plane scary?

It all depends on the person some people love flying some are terrified you just have to try it. This can depend on the type of airplane and type of flying. I sometimes get scared in a small 2-man or 4-man airplane but I never worry in a large passenger airliner. I think it is because a small plane you are closer to the fast moving ground. A large jet is smooth and quiet. Another way to allieve your anxiety is to learn what the sounds are. Some sounds seem loud and surprising. If you know what the sounds means, such as landing gear is extending, then you will feel more comfortable.unless your scared of planes, no

What sound does a turbo-prop airplane make?

they make powerful propeller sounds.

A reusable vehicle that lands like an airplane is called?

sounds like your after space-shuttle

Pictures of objects that produce loud or soft sounds?

cars airplane,radio,televetion

Which flying mammal makes sounds that humans are unable to hear?


What is the name of the song with the lyrics 'Hold on a change is coming'?

Sounds of Blackness Sounds of Blackness

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Sounds Of Blackness

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aircraft could include helicopters, and it sounds more professional

What sounds does a flying fox make?

They make various chirps, chatters and screeches.

Name a flying mammal which makes sounds which humans cannot hear?

a bat

What is the function of a car muffler?

To muffle the sounds of the engine /exhaust coming out take it off and see how it sounds!

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It sounds like you have an infection.

What sounds does timothy hear that indicate that a storm is coming?


Why a helicopter called chopper?

Because of what it sounds like--the chop-chop-chop sounds coming off the rotors.

Does a flying squirrel use echolocation to catch what it eats?

Probably not. Flying squirrels do make high pitched sounds, but it is unlikely that they can echolocate like bats.

You have many tiny flying insect anyone know what is might be?

Sounds like gnats

Frount end sounds like a small airplane is flying alone beside you any ideal where it's coming from?

probably a bad wheel bearing...get a "free" brake inspection at a midas or similar, and while theyre checkin it , mention the noise and be certain it's not a safety issue, also, they could probably install a bearing pretty affordably at that point.... also everyone should have a manual for their vechicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual available in the reference section for FREE to make copies of--the PRO manual has more detailed info, and may have wiring diagrams when up and fix 'em like a PRO...good luck Dave :)

How do you travel from china to belarus?

I have no idea where "Belarus" is but I'm assuming you take an airplane. Sorry if this sounds like sarcasm. :)

Hissing sounds coming from a chest wound?

Likely to be a punctured lung.