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the ecm is behind the glove box. take it down and replace the prom. the prom is behind a plate held on by two screws.I have fixed two cars like yours by changing the prom.

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2006-04-05 07:29:40
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Q: 1991 Cavalier after driving 20-30 minutes car will sputter and stall but will restart what might cause this symptom?
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Why does your 1993 Saturn sputter and die only to restart a few minutes later?

first check for a clogged fuel filter then look at the fuel pump.

Why is your 1998 cavalier sputtering?

A Cavalier can sputter do to a number of things. Cars sputter due to bad spark plugs, bad compression, broken engine mounts, or even a failing catalytic converter.

Why would a Chevrolet Cavalier shut itself off while driving?

if it tends to sputter and have no power i would suggest the fuel pump. it it is only after the car has warmed up, or a while after you start driving it might be the ignition module.

Why would a 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ 4-cylinder sputter die and not restart for 20 min at 3200 RPM?

Have you checked the catylitic converter? Had a Datsun B210 that had the same symptoms. Took the converter out and the honeycomb would clog after 20 - 30 minutes driving. Just a thought!

What makes a ford focus sputter while driving in high heat conditions?

youre driving a ford!

Your 95 ford probe dies when its ran for 10 minutes why?

need more info. does it shut down while driving? shut down on decelleration? acceleration? does it sputter or is it like the key was shut off? is there a loss of power before it happens? does it restart right away or do you have to wait , and if so, how long? is the yellow "check engine" light on: Does it stall every ten minutes until it's fully warmed up?

Why does my 1989 Honda Accord buck and sputter while driving?

Check the 1989 Honda Accords timing. If the engine has jumped time then the engine will buck and sputter.

What makes a Dodge Caravan sputter and cut out after driving a while?

Could be a plugged fuel filter.

Why does an 88 Chevy truck shut off while you are driving down the road it does not stall spit or sputter it just dies will restart easily after each time it dies?

its a electronic piece in the key push ron area in the steering collum the key rod connectes it to complete the electric curcuit circle if it cracked it will cause it to shut down and restart by itself..

What has the author Babs Bell written?

Babs Bell has written: 'The bridge is up!' -- subject(s): Bridges, Fiction, Traffic congestion, Vehicles 'Sputter, Sputter, Sput!' -- subject(s): Automobile driving, Fiction

What would cause a 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier spit and sputter and then go dead?

check and see if you are getting fuel ,spark and compreesion these are the three main things if you have all of these repost

Why would your 1984 cutlass not idle and die at stop signs and sputter while driving?

bad oxygen sensor bad map sensor

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