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Have you checked the catylitic converter? Had a Datsun B210 that had the same symptoms. Took the converter out and the honeycomb would clog after 20 - 30 minutes driving. Just a thought!

2007-07-18 03:19:09
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Why would a 92 Jeep Wrangler not start after driving an hour or more?

I just had the same problem with my '91 wrangler. It would sputter after it was warm and then not start once engine was off. I had to let it cool down for a good 2 hours. It was electrical. I needed a new crank shaft censor. After that she ran like an angel. I also got an injection flush. Good luck.

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Would bad heater core cause car to sputter?


Would a hard top from a 1998 Wrangler fit a 1994 Wrangler?

No, it will not.

What would cause a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer es to hesitate-sputter?

It could be numerous things. From a bad fuel pump, for bad spark plugs.

Why would a car sputter when idling?

because itt needs to be work on

Why would a car backfire 1 time then sputter?

A sparkplug misfiring.

Would an engine sputter cause the check engine light to come on?

Yes it can.

Why would a 89 jeep wrangler lock into gear?

My jeep wrangler keeps loking in gears

What would cause a 2000 Toyota 4runner to 'skip' and or 'sputter' during idleing?

check for tune-up. chack mass air flow meter.

What would make 95 Honda odyssey sputter and backfire?

Incorrect ignition timing or damaged valves would make a 95 Honda Odyssey sputter and backfire. Backfires are directly caused when ignition occurs at the wrong time.

What would cause a truck to sputter then die if it has gas and a good battery?

lack of fuel

Why would a 2003 Ford Focus sputter at 40mph?

have you ever changed the fuel filter ?

What would make your 1993 Toyota T100 spit and sputter when you accelerates?

Timing belt

Why would your car shake and sputter in below freezing temperature?

ice in the fuel system

Why does 1999 Ford Taurus sputter in the rain?

Most common cause would be the plus wires. Dampness causes them to arc and the cylinder that the wire is arcing on won't fire causing a miss/sputter.

What would cause the engine not to restart when hot Chevy Trailblazer 2007?

What would cause the engine not to restart when hot Chevy Trailblazer 2007?

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Why would your car idle fine but sputter when you accelerate?

There are a number of reasons why a car would idle find but sputter when you accelerate. It could need a new spark plugs. You may also have to replace the filters. It might also be an issue with the air flow.

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What year did the wrangler go to an electronic ignition?

The Wrangler (TJ) has always had electronic ignition. The CJ would have swithced to electronic in the mid 1970's.The Wrangler (TJ) has always had electronic ignition. The CJ would have swithced to electronic in the mid 1970's.

Would a crack in the air hose make the engine sputter on a 93 ford escort?

The vacuum system on a vehicle serves many purposes. A cracked air hose could most definitely cause an engine sputter.

Why would a car sputter and stall and then not start again?

FUEL PUMP IS YOUR PROBLEM {why do you think its the fuel pump?}

Why would an 2002 impala sputter when in idol mode?

could be a vacuum leak, or throttle positioning sensor

What would cause a car to sputter when it accelerates?

bad fuel bad spark plugs incorrect timing