1993 Plymouth Voyager rear windshield wiper suddenly stopped wiping it is stuck and the wiper motor continues to make noise Is the motor shot Is it a fuse?

Sounds like the wiper pivot went bad. Removing the arm is a bit of a treat on some of them. You may need the arm if it doesn't come off well. I would have to agree with this answer. I believe by the word pivot, that is referring to the splined shaft that comes out from the motor. Yes they can be a bear to get the wiper arm off which has recessed splines to match the splines on the shaft. To me it sounds like the motor is operating, but slipping in the wiper arm. The spines may have gotten rusty and wore away. I would spray the shaft and arm with some break free or similar item and let it sit awhile and then try to remove the wiper arm. You may to actually gently try and pry it off. If it is in fact slipping, you would think that it would come off pretty easy. Make sure that the break free will not harm your paint. When you replace the wiper, I would put some grease or anti-sieze on the motor shaft and use a rubber mallet to get the new arm on (making sure the splines are lined up) the shaft. I have replaced the rear wiper arm on my Voyager and it takes some patience. : - )