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lightly pound under the ignition on the steering column and it will click. the key receiver sticks on these models. i have the same problem

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Q: 1994 Honda Prelude - Standard Transmission The beeper continues to beep when the key is removed from the ignition and the car doors are shut How can you resolve this problem?
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Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 1992 prelude?

A 1992 Prelude does not have a transmission dipstick. It is completely sealed and to check the transmission fluid, a person has to unscrew a bolt on the side.

What tranny mount fits a 96 prelude 5speed tranny into a 2001 prelude?

If the 96 Transmission is a 5speed and the 2001 prelude is a 5speed, the mount from the 2001 Transmission should bolt up to the 96 Transmission and be a Direct Bold on Replacement.

Do a1986 Honda accord and Honda Prelude have the same tramission?

They do if it is an automatic transmission. The Prelude (except Si) has the same manual transmission as well. The Prelude Si has a slightly different manual transmission, but it will still fit into a 1986-1989 Accord.

Is it possible to swap out the transmission on a 1997 prelude with a transmission from an RSX?

NO impossible

AT fluid for a 1990 Honda prelude?

If the Prelude is an automatic, yes, you use automatic transmission fluid. If it's a manual, there's manual transmission fluid. As much as possible, purchase the manufacturer (Honda) branded transmission fluid.

What is the ignition timing on a 1999 Honda prelude?


Will a 2001 prelude transmission fit a 1998 prelude?

Yes, All H series Transmissions are interchangeable.

How do you repair prelude transmission?

hey hey

My Honda Prelude start but wont stay running?

check ignition

What type of automatic transmission fluid should you put in your 1997 Honda Prelude?

The type of automatic transmission fluid that you should put in your 1997 Honda Prelude varies depending on the transmission. Honda recommends that you use their own brand of ATF when you replace the fluid in the SportShift transmission.

1986 Honda prelude transmission fluid?


97-01 Honda Prelude how to swap an auto transmission to manual transmission?

need to buy transmission put it in and thats it.

Where is the transmission fluid dipstick located on a 1995 Honda Prelude Si?

If it is a Manual transmission you do not have a dipsticks.

What do you need to put a 91 prelude 2.0 si motor and 5 speed transmission in a 86 prelude 2.0 si with auto transmission?

the pedals , driveshaft, shifter. and stub axels. speedo cable.

Why would the fan and radio not work most of the time in a 1988 Honda Prelude?

I just went through that exact problem with my 88 prelude, it was the ignition cylinder.

Will a prelude type sh transmission fit in base prelude car both are h22a?

how to make base prelude h22a engine on type sh 5 speed trans ^^^??? to answer the question. yes a sh transmission with "atts" unit will fit a base prelude (if a h22 motor is used) is it worth it? absolutely not

How do you know which wire is positive and which is negative on the electronic ignition coil for a 90 Prelude?


Does a 2.2 transmission on a 1993 Honda Prelude fit a 2.3 engine on a Honda Prelude?

Yes. The H22a and H23a motors can interchange transmissions.

Half-shaft 1986 Honda Prelude SI?

its like my 91 Prelude 5 speed transmission is stuck in 2 gears.It is wielded.

Where do you put transmission fluid in a 1992 Honda Prelude manuel?

in the manuel transmission through the check/fill plug

Will the five speed transmission from a 1993 acura integra fit in a 1994 Honda prelude?

only if the transmission is a gsr

What should the transmission level be on a 1990 prelude Si 2100?


Why is the d4 light blinking on a 1994 Honda prelude?

Transmission error

Where is the transmission cooler line on a 1988 Honda Prelude?

If it is a manual transmission you do not have transmission cooler lines. If its an automatic they will be on one side of the radiator and you can follow them to the tranny from there.

How do you change the transmission fluid filter in a 93 prelude si automatic transmission?

The filter is inside the transmission and must be took apart to change the filter.