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The washer fluid pump shares a fuse with the windshield wipers. The circuits are tied together since when you turn on the pump, the windshield wipers also function.

If you are trying to fix your wiper fluid not working, if your windshield wipers are sill working, then you need to consider the following:

First use a paper clip to stick in the end of the sprayers to clear them out of any possible blockage. Be careful not to dis-align the sprayers.

If this doesn't fix it then you need to go to the pump itself. It is located on the passenger side in the front side of the wheel well. You will have to remove the panel inside of the passenger side front wheel well.

when you do this, once again try to spray and make sure that you hear a noise coming from the pump. If you do, then you know that the pump mechanism is ok and it must just be a blockage somewhere else in the line.

To fix a blockage, remove the tube leading to the sprayers from the pump and use either compressed air (or a bicycle pump) to force air through the line and clear any possible blockages.

If the pump is not functioning, I would recommend purchasing a new pump. To remove the pump pull it toward the back of the car, with a bucket placed underneath because all of your current fluid will have to drain into the bucket. You may have to pull pretty hard but the pump will come out of the rubber gasket. Then detach it from the hose line and control/power line and take it into your local auto repair store for a replacement part.

I hope that this helps.

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Q: 1994 altima-- wheres the washer fluid pump fuse?
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One reason why your 1994 Nissan Altima could be sputtering at an idle is because of your spark plugs. It could also be caused by the idle sensor.

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Under the hood on the driver's side is a large round vacuum booster. Attached to it is the master cylinder. Before you add any fluid you will need to check and see which fluid is required, Dot3 or Dot4. Add fluid to the fill line or 1/2 inch from the top. DO NOT mix fluids.

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how to change the brakes

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An engine control diagram for a 1994 Nissan Altima can be found in an automobile repair manual. Both Chilton and Hayes repair manuals are available for most vehicles.