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Yes, well it is a coil, but they call it something different. you can find it under the destributor cap, it will be right under it. it looks like a black round like disk with a wire coming off it. that is what mine was when it did that. so try that out, it is a 20 min job. 2 screws. Good Luck...Jeep mamaits called a pickup coil i replaced it alreadyand the crank shaft sensor,and plugs,wires,cap,rotor and the coil is good just no spark from distributor...posted by spiked2u(original postor of question)

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Q: 1994 jeep grand Cherokee no spark new crankshaft sensor coil?
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Why no spark on 1997 Grand Voyager 30 engine?

Check the crankshaft sensor. If the sensor on the Grand Voyager is bad then there wont be any spark.

Will a bad crankshaft positioning sensor prevent spark to spark plugs?

Yes it can. The crankshaft position sensor is one of the major sensors for spark timing.

Can i get spark at plug with bad crankshaft sensor?


My 1988 2.8L Pontiac Grand Prix was hesitating when accelerating now it won't start there is no spark but it turns over could it be the Crankshaft Sensor and where is it?

Yes mine did same thing it was the crankshaft sensor located on the firewall side of the engin.

Is crankshaft sensor position malfunction a serious problem?

The only function of the crankshaft position sensor is to tell you you have a miss fire ( a spark plug did not fire))

What's the spark plug gap for 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The spark plug gap for the 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2L (318CID V8 is .035".

What is the purpose of crankshaft position sensor?

spark to ign through the computer

1990 Jeep Cherokee wont start has no spark?

On these Jeeps with the 4.0L Inline 6, the Crankshaft Position Sensor is usually at fault when there is a no start/no spark condition. Try checking the resistance of the sensor, and check the adjustment of the sensor. . check you icu (ingnition control unit) hope it helps

If the crank position sensor is bad on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee will it cause both a no spark AND no fuel pump operation?

the crankshaft pos sensor controls the relay switches which operate the fuel pump and the electricity supply to the coil causing no spark to reach the distributor YES

What would cause a 1989 jeep Comanche to have spark one day and start then nextday no spark?

Replace Crankshaft sensor=Flywheel sensor. Check rotor

Why wont 94 jeep grand Cherokee limited 5.2 wont start and no spark after changing transmission?

somebody broke or didn't connect the crank sensor

How do you know if you need a new crankshaft sensor?

if your crank position sensor is bad you car or truck will not start because you will not have spark

What is the purpose of the crankshaft sensor on a 1998 Kia sport age?

The crank sensor (real name is crankshaft position sensor) senses when a notch on the crankshaft goes by and sends a pulse to the car's computer. This tells the computer where the crankshaft is in it's rotation so that the computer will fire the spark plug and injectors at the correct time.

1996 Jeep Cherokee that turns over but will not start no spark to the distributor or the spark plugs replaced the ignition coil and the pick-up coil in the distributor Engine is getting fuel?

The most common failure associated with those symptoms is the Crankshaft Position Sensor.

What is the spark plug gap for 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

.035 in

What is purpose of crankshaft position sensor circuit perf?

In older cars that used a distributor, the distributor shaft was connected to the camshaft. The camshaft was connected to the crankshaft. So as they all turned, the spark would fire in direct correlation to the crankshaft. Once they eliminated the distributor, the computer needed a way to determine when to fire the spark. So they place a sensor near the end of the crankshaft and it reports the crankshaft position to the computer. So the computer can know when to fire the spark for each cylinder.

1999 GST you broke a small sensor that was attached to the bottom gear-crankshaft as you were removing the tiiming belt what does it do?

that is the crankshaft sensor, it tells what position the crank is in to tell the computer when to fire injectors and spark.

Could dirty spark plugs also occur on a 2010 Grand Cherokee like it did on your 1998 Grand Cherokee?

Dirty spark plugs can occur on any make, model, or year. Changing the spark plugs should be done for maintenance, such as when you do a tune up.

What will cause my 97 Chevy pu 4x4 to have no spark?

Several things can cause no spark. A bad coil pack, bad crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor are good places to start.

What does the crankshaft position sensor do for your 1992 Saturn?

It is used by the PCM to determines fuel and spark timing

Clio not generating ignition spark?

My clio wouldn't spark the other day. Turned out to be the crankshaft sensor. Apparently a common fault on clios.

Hyundai 200 elantra wagon no spark?

there is two main things that will cause an elantra to have no spark the ignition coil pack or the crankshaft sensor

2002 grand caravan sport cranks but no spark?

Some possible problems when your vehicle cranks, but won't start are a bad crankshaft position sensor, or a faulty ignition switch. Another possibility is a loose or broken wire that runs from the sensor to the PCM.

Why wont your 95 jeep Cherokee startIt will turn over but has no spark at the plugs Is there a auto system shut down as fuel does not seem to be getting through?

Check the coil,crankshaft sensor & ignition system. You said you're not getting spark so address that issue first. Depending on engine size they are known for cracked coils & crankshaft sensors.

Does the crankshaft sensor cause a 1997 Chevy Malibu to choke before cranking?

A faulty crank sensor would cause no spark and no fuel.