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the problem is when the baffles move from heat to ac and vent to defrost they either get stuck or the controllerr is bo. this system is built to fail safe in the defrost mode. Thus ac comes from Defrost vents. Apparently it is wide spred with Ford and Chev. As it is in my 2001 Ford F-350, My opinion To much Matel Toy company plastic and cheep parts we pay considerable money for from the dealers. 1) check your controller at the dash probably vacume 2) check the acutator at the butterfly flapper. Some vehicles are easier than others.....

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โˆ™ 2006-07-16 02:48:19
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Q: 1995 F250 AC comes out of the defrost?
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AC fan is blowing cold air out of windshield defrost when not on defrost?

does fan door motorized or on a vaccuum line when you switch from AC to defrost?

Why does the AC sysmbol light come on when the heat is turned on and set to defrost-vent and will not turn off even when shut off button is hit?

DO NOT FEAR THIS !!! The ac comes on with the defrost: because do you ever use your ac in the winter? me neither. Manufactures have made the ac come on with the defrost to prevent the ac compressor from seizing up. Since we never use them in winter, at least in cold climates. Cheers and drive on.

Where can you find a wiring diagram for a ford F250 ac system?

It is important to have a working AC system in a car. A wiring diagram for an F250 AC system can be found in the cars maintenance manual.

Should ac compressor stay on when heater control moved to defrost in a 2000 durango?

Yes, the ac will run in the defrost position to dry the windshield.

What would cause the ac to blow only through the defrost on a f250 ford diesel?

vacuum leak. look at the vac pump under the hood on the pass side and check the hoses for dry rot or cracks

What is wrong with your 93 corsica when you crank your car your fan automatically comes on?

cooling fan relay short or bypassed or defrost or ac selector on

Why does Ac on 99 F250 does not blow cold unless over 2000rpms?

recharge ac

The AC only comes out the defrost and out the Bottom.How can I make it come out the vents?

There is most likely a vacuum leak on the line from the engine to the air conditioner control.

Why does the car turn off when the defrost is on?

If it has AC assist and the compressor is shot, cut the belt or disconnect the defrost from the compressor.

2008chevyimpala ac still clicks after it gets turned off?

Did you happen to move it to Defrost when you turned it off? The ac compressor also runs in the defrost cycle to keep the seals lubricated during the winter months when the ac is not used.

Why would a 95 Ford Explorer AC cyle on and off when the switch is in defrost or heater position?

On my 1995 Ford Explorer when the defrost position is selected , and the temperature knob is set in the red area to get heated air to defrost the windshield , the A/C compressor will cycle on and off to help dehumidify the air, but the compressor ONLY cycles on and off in the DEFROST POSITION ( sorry if I'm misinterpretting your question )

Why does ac air blow only out defrost on 97 lesabre?

you have to trick the ac computer by shuting it off then restarting it...

Why does ac and heater on 2000 f350 blow air through defrost when another position is selected ac clutch clicks and air still only blows through defrost?

You have vacuum line leaks somewhere.

...when you turn on your AC in your 1996 Jeep Cherokee and cold air only comes out of defrost and floor vents instead of your main vents. How do you fix?

you need to replace the vacuum.

Can you damage the heating and AC on the car by running both at the same time?

No, especially since the AC is used when you defrost the windows.

Why does your ac automatically come on when you push it to defrost?

The ac system also removes humidity which helps clear the window faster.

Where is the ac defrost relay located on a 97 ford escort?

There is no A/C defrost relay. The defrost mode of the heating and air coditioning is a default mode whenever the system is not operating as it should. It automatically goes to defrost mode when the system is not operating as it should.

Why does a 2001 ford windstar die when i turn the ac or the defrost on?

check the alternater Something to do with your electrical in your vehical so i think you should get that checked out right away or just don't use your ac or defrost and your vehical should be ok..

Your ac stop working the dashbord lights don't turn on what cut it be?

does the ac just stop or does the defrost also come on out of the blue?

2001 dodge 1500 ac and heater flow regulator switch does not work. works only on defrost?

2001 dodge ram 1500 ac and heater flow regulator switch does not work. works only on defrost. How to fix?

What would cause high pressure in a 1997 Dodge Ram ac system It started cycling on and off when the heater was on during the winter It currently blows warm air?

The systems AC system will run when the defrost is turn on.The manufactor does this to remove humity from the air making it easier to defrost the windsheild.The AC system should only run when the defrost is on though.If you are experiecing a high pressure promblem when the AC is running it is pronbly due to a overcharge of refrigerant.

Is there a way to disconnect the AC compressor on a 2005 CR-V when it is in defrost mode?

Pull the A/C fuse or disconnect the wiring at the compressor. The A/C comes on to provide drier air to help defog the windows. You can de-select the A/C by pressing the A/C button on the dash, when you turn on the defrost.

Temperature switches will not work ac compresser activates even when heat on?

The ac will turn on when the HVAC is in defrost mode, no matter what the temp is set at.

What is wrong with your ac in a jeep Cherokee Laredo when the ac only blows out of the defrost and not the vents?

the mode door inside the hvac unit has most likely broken causing to to default to defrost. sometime the actuator is at fault, wither way the dash has to come out

My car makes constant screaching sound that only goes away when i turn on the ac or defrosterwhy is this?

My best guess is your AC belt is in bad shape and tightens when you engage the AC/Defrost.