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1995 Ford F-150 Starter not disengaging?

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2011-09-12 14:03:51

I'm having the same problem with a 1987 ford E350 with a 460

auto trans. I just replaced the engine with a used one from a 1988

ford F250 with a 460 4wd auto trans. and now the starter won't

release from the flywheel and it is making a bad grinding sound. I

searched around on the net a little bit and it looks like all the

460 from 84-91 list the same part numbers for the starter, and

flywheel. my old starter had some movement in the shaft and sounded

like it was grinding a little so, I replaced the it with a new one

from Auto Zone. And it still dose the same thing. There is no

adjustments to be made with a ford starter like a GM starer. It

should just bolt right up and that's it. So now I'm not sure what

to do. I don't work on fords that much so if you have any ideas

please let me know.

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