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1995 Oldsmobile aurora obd jack?


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For a 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora the OBD interface is located under the dash board on the drivers side almost directly below the steering column.


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Just below the steering wheel inside the car, a little to the left.

A 1995 Ford Thunderbird is OBD I , EEC IV

There is no OBD-2 on that model... They first OBD 2 Wrangler was the 1997 model. The 1995 connector is under the hood.

A 1995 Bronco does not have an OBD-II port - OBD-II started on 1996 vehicle. 1995 Brocno would have OBD-I. The connector should be under the hood, on the inside wall of the driver's side fender near the firewall.

The 1995 Ford Escort OBD connection is located on the right hand side of the engine. The OBD connection will be on the air intake manifold.

No. 1995 was OBD-I controls, SBEC. 1998 was OBD-II controls, JTEC.

OBD-1. 1995 was a changeover year. All 1995 cars/trucks (GM to my knowledge, I don't know about the other brands) were OBD-1 and some have an OBD-2 connector, but still are OBD-1.

OBD is the acronym for "On Board Diagnostic". OBD-II (OBD-2) started in 1996. Vehicles built in 1995 and before are OBD-I (OBD-1). I hope this helps, good luck.

which obd-1or obd-2 have my toyota corolla 1995,engine 1.8l california edsh?

The 1995 vehicle should be ODB I. The OBD I connector should be under the hood in the engine compartment.

should be under the dash board on driver's side

The 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass OBD 2 port is under driver side dash left of steering column

A 1995 Dakota is OBD 1 not 2. The connector is under the hood, pass side firewall.A 1995 Dakota is OBD 1 not 2. The connector is under the hood, pass side firewall.

No, the 1995 Dakota is obd 1. OBD-2 didn't start until '96 for most vehicles.

1995 and before is OBD 1. 1996 and later is OBD 2. The connecters are different, but both are under the dash on the driver side.

The 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme OBD 2 port is under driver side dash above accelerator pedal

not all 1995 vehicle's have OBD II, since OBD II is meant for all 1996 + vehicles. But check the emission decal under your hood, at the top tip. Though If you are lucky enough to be OBD II compliant, all OBD II senors are inside the vehicle under the dash (steering wheel).

No, 1995 was OBD I. The diagnostc connecter is under the hood.

a 1995 grand Cherokee is obd 1 compliant, The diagnostic connecter is under the hood. It is a black square connector.

The 1995 Grand Marquis is a OBD2 and it should be located on driver side under dash

Underneath the instrument panel, lower left side of dash.

its nowhere to be found obd II didnt start until 1996

The 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 uses an OBD 1. You can double check this bu looking at the emissions sticker under the hood.

Not sure if a '95 will be OBD I or OBD II, if OBD I it will be a black plastic plug emerging from the wiring harness on the firewall about six inches to the passenger side of the ignition coil, OBD II will be similar but probably a different color. It is OBD I, connector is under the hood on the pass side firewall.

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