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On later models, the connector is located near the distributor (except for 1995 models; on these, it's located under the dash, below the glove box). Tan wire with a black stripe.

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Q: 1995chevy 5.7 which wire or connector has to be diconected to set timing thanks?
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Where the timing connector on 95 gmc sonoma 2wd?

Where is the timing connector on a 1995 gmc sonoma

Where is the timing connector on a 1994 GMC Jimmy?

The timing connector is in the pasenger side under the carpet shuld be a brown cable

How do you adjust timing on a 1984 camaro that's carburated?

ground the diagnostic connector under the dash , set the timing , then unplug connector

Where is the timing connector wire for 86 Chevy S10?

Timing connector is located rightside passenger floor where the carpet meets the firewall inside

Where is the timing connector located on a 1995 K-2500 with the 5.7?

the location of the connector for setting the timing is located behind the glovebox on this truck not on the firewall as with older efi trucks

Timing belt or Timing chain What do you think which one is better to have a truck on timing chain or timing belt Thanks?

timing belt is stupidchain is stronger

How do i check the timing position on a 1995 GMC 1500?

0 deg -or- TDC With the distributor timing connector disconnected.

Where do you locate the electronic spark timing bypass connector on a 94 Chevy silverado 1500 5.7L?

your truck does not have a bypass connector

What is the function of a single wire timing connector bypass on a 1992 5.7?

When it is disconnected it puts the electronic timing control module in limp mode,and then you can set the timing with a timing light.

What does est stand for on a Chevy truck?

electronic spark timing connector

What timing point are for v6 vortex engine?

Look a the emissions sticker under the hood of your car, it has the timing information there. Mine says disconnect the timing connector at the distributor and set timing to 0 degrees.then reconnect the timing connector I have a 4.3 vortec. After setting the timing you will have a check engine light, clear it by disconnecting the negative battery terminal or pull the ECM fuse for a few minutes.

How do you set the timing on a ninety four three quarter ton truck with a 350?

On GM trucks, you need to look under the glove compartment for the wiring harness. look for a single wire with a brown tracer that has a black connector. This is the electronic timing connector. Start the truck, unplug connector, set the distributor timing at zero, tighten distributor, reconnect wire.

Where do you find the electronic spark timing bypass connector on a 1999 Tahoe?

That year does not have 1. The timing is computer controlled and you MUST have an engine scanner to set the timing on that engine. A timing light will not work.

How do you set timing on 94 ford f150 5.0?

timing should be set at 10 degrees BTDC. be sure you unplug the spout connector before you adjust the timing.

Honda motorcycle timing chain?

I have a 1982 v45 magna and the timing chain is loose can it be adjusted thanks

Nissan 300 zx timing marks?

Need a diagram of timing marks for 1985 300zx. Thanks

How do you set timing on 88 Chevy pickup with a 5.7?

separate a timing connector on the firewall in engine bay which allows you to time the engine,then adjust the distributor.The connector is on the drivers side below the cowl and when separated the engine will run differently.

How do you adjust the ignition timing on a 1992 Pontiac Firebird?

disconnect the tan wire connector on the passenger side wiring harness , that puts it in bypass mode, unlock dist. bolt and adjust timing. when set reconnect wiring connector.

Where is the timing connector wire to set ignition timing on a 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

It does not have one. The timing is controlled by the computer. You must have a OBDII engine scanner to adjust the timing. If you did not have the distributor out are move it then there is no reason to adjust the timing. It is done automatically by the computer.

How do you set timing on a 4.3 Chevy s10 pickup?

It all depends on what year the truck is. If it is the older version with the round distributer cap, you need a timing light. Connect the timing light to the number 1 cylinder, which is the front one on the drivers side. next you have to put the computer in base timing mode. To do this you need to locate the timing connector, which is usually located in the passenger side under the carpet ,below the hvac unit. Unplug the connector and start the engine, then shine the timing light on the timing marks and loosen the distributor and turn it unill the marks line up .Then tighten the distributor, and reconnect the connector. If it has the flat cap , the timing is set with a scanner .

What is the correct ignition timing on a 1989 Chevy truck?

* Start the engine and run it at high idle until the coolant temperature reaches normal operation temperature on the dash gauge. Turn off the engine and disconnect the timing connector. The timing connector on the C and K series trucks is located on the passenger side of the firewall breaking out of the main wiring harness and is a single wire connector with a tan wire with a black stripe. * Connect the timing light to the battery. The red cable goes to the positive post, and the black cable goes to the negative post. Attach the timing pick-up to the number one spark plug wire. Number one is the front plug on the drivers side. Start the engine, and aim the light at the timing marks while pulling the trigger on the light. The timing on the 89 Chevy truck is 0 degrees with the timing connector disconnected. If the two timing marks you marked with white crayon do not line up, adjust the timing. * Set the timing by loosening the distributor slightly, and turning the distributor while observing the timing marks. When they line up, tighten the distributor. Turn off the engine and reconnect the timing connector, remove the timing light, and test drive to verify the repair.

Timing on Mazda b2300?

The timing on both rangers and B2300s is 10 degrees btds (below top dead center) after unpluging c6 connector to bring operation to base timing.

Where is the 4 wire connector that needs to be disconneted to set the timing on a 1993 pick up truck?

the connector is on the right side kick panel behind the cover.

How to set the timing on a 1997 350 Chevy?

you don't the ECM will do it for you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You need to set the base timing on any car/truck that has a distributor. There is a tan/black wire that is usually under the dash down low on the passenger's side. This is the Electronic spark timing and the connector has to be apart to set the timing. That will put the computer offline while you set the timing to the specifications. There is usually a decal under the hood. Once the timing is set then reconnect the connector The base timing is set NOW the computer will take over from there.

How do you set the timing on a 1989 Lincoln Continental V6?

First, I presume you are talking about ignition timing and not valve timing. I am also going to assume you have a timing light, and know how to use it. I am also assuming you know how to view timing marks, loosen and adjust the distributer. The spec on this engine is 10 degrees BTC. The timing marks on this engine are on the crankshaft harmonic balancer, and there is a single pointer protruding out of the front cover. I recommend you use something abrasive to clean the numbers on the harmonic balancer and highlight the 10 degree BTC mark with white-out or chalk to make it easier to see under the timing light. Find the timing connector (Ford calls it a SPOUT connector). This connector should be located within a few inches of the distributer base, probably taped to the distributer wiring harness. It will be a small, flat, grey, connector. It is a ctually a shorting bar that is at the end of two wires, and appears to be a dead end. ( you will see what I mean by that when you find the connector). Remove the SPOUT connector. When you remove it, it does not matter if the engine is running or not. It just has to be disconnected when you are making the actual timing adjustment. When you are done setting the timing, reinstall the SPOUT, and you are done. By the way, the number 1 cylinder on this car is the cylinder closest to the firewall toward the passenger's side of the vehicle.