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1996 neon runs for about 20 miles and then dies out?

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Check your fuel pressure, it should be around 48 psi at the fuel rail. It sounds like your fuel pump is overheating.

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I have this 3.3L V6 in this new yorker and it runs great but the car is totaled and i also have this 1996 neon so i was just wondering if you can fit a 3.3L V6 in a 1996 dodge neon?

Anything is possible but, youwould have to completely redesign the Neon to get it to fit.

Your 96 sebring conv runs rough after 20 miles and at a stop the oil light come on and dies?

Oil pump.

How may miles to the gallon does a 1996 crown Victoria get?

1996 ford crown victora gets 17 miles to the gal city highway 26 miles to the gal. I have 99000 miles on my car and it still runs like new. the crown vic was made for the highway!

Why does a 1996 s10 2.2 runs a few seconds and dies?

I'm thinking a very plugged up fuel filter, has it ever been changed?

How many miles can you expect from a 2000 Chevy Suburban Would it be worth buying used with 100000 miles on it?

i have a 1996 Chevy suburban with 226,000 miles on it and it runs great so you make that decision

How do you determine why a 1996 Neon with a manual transmission won't start but will start by pushing?

Clutch is out replace clutch and throw out bearing and pressure plate We bought a used 1996 5 speed neon. After a bit, we had to push in second, to get car started. It's simply the wire to the starter broken, or starter no good. Us the wire was corroded. Now it runs fine.

Why does 1997 grand prix engine runs a few seconds then dies restarts runs a few seconds then dies again?

catylatic converter is plugged

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My Plymouth neon 1999 Car Runs For 15 mins then dies will start up 3 hours later and run for 15 mins. we replaced the fuel relay but I do not knowif it might be the crank sensor?

The fuel filter may be clogged.

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What makes the engin on 1996 dodge neon start and run for 15 minets and quit running and set for 15 minuts and start back again runs for 5 minuts and quit?

Try checking your throttle control sensor

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