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My 1998 Grand Cherokee Laredo had the same problem. I noticed that the headlight switch (lower left on dashboard) was causing the dash lights to flicker when I jiggled it with the headlights turned ON. So, while I was at the pick-n-pull getting a part to fix a different problem (rear door power lock actuator), I "gambled" (only $9) and took the head light switch module too. I noticed the replacement module was not as worn as mine which I thought was causing the flickering, like a loose connection. This used part works GREAT, no more flickering problems, and the dash and headlights work fine as normal. Of course, you can always get the new part from the dealer, but it was fun ripping apart a junk yard version of your own Jeep, and kind of like practice so you don't damage anything on yours.


I own a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I was having the exact same problem with my auto-headlights and dash lights flickering and when I would push on the dimmer switch, the lights would return to normal. The part you need is called a"HEADLIGHT SWITCH CONTROL POD". It costs about $120 with auto-headlights and no fogs from Chrysler and about $100 or so in the aftermarket. It is NOT a relay or fuse issue, it is a bad connection inside the switch issue!!!

I also had his problem a few months ago and it also made the headlights filcker and the ammeter fluctuate. I diagnosed this as a charging problem and refitted the power relay (follow the lead from the alternator) after cleaning up the pins. This has worked for 6 months but it's just started again.

My local dealer says he has not seen the problem before so I don't want to rush down there again for no help.

Perhaps my relay is faulty. I just going to refit the relay again right now. Any other info will be gratefully received.

I had similar problem, my 1997 grand Cherokee limited ran fine but the interior dash lights and radio started blinking one day. my switch to the left of steering wheel on dash was a switch for auto lights, lights off,parking lights and fog lights on this small panel. if yours is made the same way replace it. the cost was around $100 i believe just for the part.nothing hard a couple screws pops the trim plate off. then a few more hold this part in. I believe it was called headlight switch.try this if your switch is made the same.


I've removed and refitted all the realys and I've still got the problem, it's intermittent and annoying, especially with the radio swtiching on and off repeatedly.

Any answers anyone?

I have seen this issue in 2 seperage jeep grand Cherokees in both I have worked on it had to deal with the battery cables. Sometimes it would become so extreme I could not start the car until I moved the positive cable some. Cleaning the battery cable by scrabing the garbage off where it hooks onto the battery has solved my problems with this.


I had this problem a few years back in my 2000 Jeep Gr. Cherokee Laredo. The problem was the battery cables. Check the connection of the battery cables to the battery, and the cables themselves. If they are corroded, replace them. My problem was solved by simply tightening the cables onto battery. Haven't had the problem since.

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Q: 1997 Grand Cherokee dash lights and radio lights keep blinking can not find any lose connections any ideas?
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what car have you got?

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I had the same problem with my 1997 Grand Cherokee and it was the dash mounted automatic light switch. The problem was also solved by turning the headlamps on manually.

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