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1997 expedition suddenly just heat no accan hear ac flip over to heat after 2 seconds Need to know where blender door is and how to get to actuator in 97 model?

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2015-07-14 16:05:13
2015-07-14 16:05:13

The Blend door is attached to the air flow sytem behind your dash. This is a BIG plastic box (BPB) that feeds the vents on your dash. The blend door is a small rectangular plastic piece, attached to the BPB that redirects air flow. Your's has broken in the closed position. Problem is that you can't replace the blend door - it comes as one piece. When you see it, you'll quickly ask yourself why such an important part is made so cheaply. The part is expensive and the labor is more expensive.

Getting the Parts: The best that you can do is call a dealer parts counter; get the part number and ask them to search for a dealer with the part in inventory - you don't care where. Write down several (if there are several) who have it on the shelf. Call them all and get their best price versus paying the list. No dealer wants parts on the shelf and most will either sell at cost or cost + 20%.

Doing the Repairs: If you know a good backyard mechanic, they might be able to do the job - However, check out Queegebo's site where he has a detailed step by step guide including diagrams and images that show every detail of this process.

Otherwise, you should expect to spend anywhere from $600 and up to have the shop do it. Lot's of labor.

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Modulating means the actuator is receiving an analog signal (usually 0-10v, 2-10v or 4-20mA) that is theoretically infinite and exact (i.e. 2.1v = 21% open on 0-10v=0-100%). Floating means that the actuator is receiving two discrete commands, an open or a close. These commands are ON/OFF or open/closed contact. It uses the timing of the actuator to essentially guess the position to be in. For example, if it needs to be at 20% open and the actuator is a 90 second model, from full closed it will send an open command for 18 seconds (90*20%).

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