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1998 jeep Cherokee sport it is spraying water from somewhere on the bottom of the engine please tell me the engine block has not cracked help?

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2010-03-21 21:55:35

well i have yet in 20 years to see a cracked engine block with

the JEEP name on it more than likely is is just a freeze plug and

if this is a 4.0 engine if it is not one of the 2 that is between

the engine and trans is should be pretty painless to change if you

find that it is a freeze plug what you can do is sipmpl locate

where the plug is (looks like a backwards cap in the block about

the size of a silver dollar) take a hammer and a screwdriver and

drive your screwdriver through the middle of the freeze plug and

pry it out of the engine. once it is out take the old one with you

to your auto parts store and get a replace ment plug if you don't

have much engine knowledge do this; at your auto parts store tell

them that you want a universal freeze plug and they will give you

what will look like 2 round rubber disks with a bolt through the

center and they are so super easy to install simply loosen the nut

almost all the way hold the rubber disk closest to the nut with 2

fingers and the nut with your thumb push the back rubbur disk into

the freeze plug hole and tighten up the nut until you get a good

seal and run your mighty jeep for another 200,000 miles good luck

and hope that this solves your problem

"Cracked_Jeep_heads_DO_happen" id=

"Cracked_Jeep_heads_DO_happen">Cracked Jeep heads DO


I've heard of cracked 4 cyl, 2.8L, and 4.0L Jeep engines, but I've

never seen a cracked head or block that sprayed water. If it's not

freeze plugs, then check to see if you have any bad hoses (if

they're squishy, they're bad.)

I have been rebuilding Grand Cherokees for years and it is very

common for the 4.0 to crack the block from freezing between the

head and oilpan on the side its easy to see just grab a


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