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Could be fuel pressure regulator. Have mechanic check.

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What kind of cleaner starts with A?

cleaner starting with a =Ajax

What is a pungent cleaner starting with a?

Ammonia is a pungent cleaner. It begins with the letter a.

00 Neon 4cy Why an initial quick hesitation from standing idle but then runs fine after putting in new plugs oil and filter air filter plug wires sprayed throttle cleaner and used injector cleaner?

Answering my own question. Repleace with original Champion RC9YC plugs, do not upgrade to platimum. Car immediately ran great and initial hesitation was "gone".

What is the pH of oven cleaner?

its 12 and sometimes over.

What could cause a surging-hesitation when slowly accelerating after a cold start on a 2004 Taurus?

Maf sensor check it they have a cleaner for it. Like 6.99 at auto zone

What are some objects starting with v?

Violin Vacuum cleaner

Where do you spray starting fluid 2007 Nissan Tiida?

The best place to spray starting fluid into your 2007 Nissan is the air cleaner housing. Remove the cover to the air cleaner housing and spray the starting fluid directly into the air filter.

How do I make my skin cleaner as seen on tv products?

You can try to make your skin cleaner with the As Seen On TV products, but sometimes the products don't deliver what is promised on the television commercials. They do however sometimes work.

Careers starting with w?

Writer Window-cleaner Wdoctor Wlawyer Hahaha why??

What does acitric means?

Acitric acid is an acid sometimes used as a cleaner (de-scaler).

How can you eliminate idle hesitation on a 1986 BMW 535i?

Hesitation fixRemove air inlet hose from air filter housing to MAF sensor. Spray carb cleaner into MAF sensor (with car off) and work flap slowly and wipe inside of MAF sensor with lint free cloth. Also check hose at MAF sensor for cracks.

Where do you put starting fluid in a lawn mower?

Directly into the carburetor throat (remove air cleaner).

What is wrong when my 1997 Dodge 1500 Ram truck will sometimes start and sometimes not what is wrong?

Next time it won't start spray a little starting fluid into the air cleaner then immediately try to start it. If you don't get a response you probably don't have any spark. If you get a response even briefly you have a fuel delivery problem.

What is the cause of hesitation in a car coupled with a sticking accelaration paddel?

more than likely your throttle body butterfly valves is sticking. you can clean it with throtle body cleaner but you must remove any sensors from throttle body first.

Your 02 trailblazer is starting to sputter?

take off throttle body and clean it with throttle body cleaner.

What causes a hesitation and a popping noise after atert-up on a 1993 ford crown Victoria with a 4.6 liter V8?

clogged fuel filter , weak fuel pump , dirty injectors. try system cleaner first of all.

Where can I find a cheap vacuum cleaner bag?

Cheap vacuum cleaner bags can be bought in most large stores such as Tesco. Sometimes real bargains can be found on eBay, so that is always worth a look.

Why do we use bibs?

Bibs keep baby cleaner when you feed them. Sometimes adults will wear them for food like ribs.

Is denture cleaner tablet a chemical or a physical change?

Cleaning is a physical process but sometimes can involve chemical reactions.

Why on the infinity I35 2002 sometimes CD works and sometimes it does not?

You can clean laser by using laser disc cleaner, try it couple time see it work good luck

Is a dogs mouth cleaner than humans?

No, a dogs mouth is not cleaner than humans because they dont brush their teeth and floss to keep all the germs away. They also eat sometimes out the bins and some drink out the toilet. So then there you have it! Dogs mouths are not cleaner than humans.

Is a dog's mouth cleaner than a human's?

That is an old wives tale. Lots of bacteria in there. Sometimes they eat dirt or their own feces or other dog's feces. If you brush your teeth your mouth is cleaner than a dog's.

What would be wrong with my 96 grand am gt its starting hard?

Check the fuel pressure, air cleaner, and ignition spark. One of these is not operating properly, and causing hard starting.

Why do dogs hate the vacuum cleaner?

It is loud and hurts the dogs ears. Sometimes less than kind owners hit their dogs with the vacuum cleaner too. So from their perspective, the dogs have reason to be afraid of vacuum cleaners.

Where to add starting fluid on a 97 Dodge Van?

Loosen the air cleaner cover and shoot some into the throttle body.