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I have seen this problem before. It sounds like it could be the fuel pressure regulator. They are typically located on the fuel rail. If your car is blowing black smoke and missing and is hard to start, that is a good indication that it might be the problem. You can test this by getting a fuel pressure tester and hooking it to the fuel port on the fuel rail. Turn on the key (do not start) and it will build pressure. If the pressure drops off, it may be the fuel pressure regulator. It's a cheap and simple fix. A vacuum line and a bolt is all that holds them in.

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What the sitting for gy6 150cc valve?

valve adjustment. .03 intake .04 exhaust.

Why does the heater on a 1993 villager work great when moving but is cold and smells like exhaust fumes when sitting still?

You probably have a manifold exhaust leak and the exhaust gasses are being picked up by the heater intake. I guess you could just be picking up exhaust gas from another vehicle though.

Is it normal for water to be coming out your exhaust on a 5.7 suburban. No AC?

Water condensation coming from the exhaust is normal when the vehicle has been sitting in a wet area, but should stop once it is warmed up. Water from the exhaust after it is warmed up and white smoke from the exhaust is an indication of a blown head gasket.

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What causes excessive smoke out of the exhaust during the first 10 minutes after starting?

1st guess is leaky valve seals. If this is the case, oil is seeping past the valve seals while the car is just sitting. Then when you start the car, the oil that has seeped into the combustion chamber is buring.

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1989 suburban 5.7 wTBI starts then dies when warm and sitting for awhile then restarts and runs fine?

I am having the same problem, got spark and fuel actually too much fuel after a couple of minutes then it overfuels then dies or floods. I am positive it is the regulator in the throttle body. Plugs came out wet, dried them and re-started, then it flooded again!

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What causes my car to stall after I've been driving it for 20 minutes then sitting for 5 minutes?

Year, Make, Model, engine size please. possibly an ignition or sensor (electronic part).

Why does my 1997 cadillac seem to flood after sitting for half hour or so?

You may have 1 or more injectors that are leaking. Allowing fuel to purge from the lines after you turn off the car. This will leak inti the cylinder and cause a flooded condition.

Can sitting in a closed garage with a running car kill you?

Yes, the carbon monoxide in the exhaust can build up and poison anyone in a closed garage where the car is running. Never a good thing to do.

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