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1999 Saturn SC2 error code P0341 camshaft position sensor a - bank 1?

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P0340/P0341 Troubleshooting S-Series ----

Most of this came from TSB 98-T-49A, with a few of tips thrown in.

Both P0340 and P0341 both relate to the Camshaft Position Sensor (Let's just call it Cam Sensor from now on), the only problem is that the S-Series engines don't have a Cam Sensor, not a typical one at least. Instead, the DIS module watches when the #4 spark plug fires on the compression cycle and fakes a Cam sensor signal from it. The tricky part is that on a DIS waste spark system, spark plugs fire with their mated cylinders(1/4 and 2/3 in 4 cylinder engines) every time the cylinder is at TDC, regardless of whether the cylinder is on exhaust or compression. However, it takes far more voltage to fire a spark plug on the compression stroke then on the exhaust stroke, due to the compressed air (the more air molecules, the more air the spark needs to jump, hence more resistance to spark). The increased voltage needed on the compression stroke is detected by the "#4 sensing circuit" inside the DIS module for the Cam Sensor signal. If the resistance of the secondary system is not in the proper range or something else is affecting the voltage draw, the "#4 sensing circuit" will be unable to work properly.

In short, anything wrong with the ignition system and you have a bad Cam Sensor signal.

Next for the diagnostics, I'm converting this from a graphic map to a text format, so bear with me...

Step 1: remove secondary wires from spark plugs; keep the wires on the coil. Measure resistance from #1 wire to #4 wire and then #2 wire to #3 wire. Resistance should be 11k ohms to 45k ohms(YIKES that's a wide range)

If resistance is in spec, go to step 2, if not in specs, go to step 3

Step 2: remove secondary wires from the coil packs and check for corrosion on the towers and wires.

If there is corrosion, go to step 4

if not, go to step 5

Step 3: remove secondary wires from the coil packs and check for corrosion on the towers and wires.

If there is corrosion, go to step 4

if not, go to step 6

Step 4: Replace or clean coils and/or wires as necessary. Retest to confirm.

Step 5: Remove spark plugs. Check for carbon or abnormal wear and proper gap (0.040 in)

If plugs check out good, go to step 8.

If the plugs are bad, replace as needed and retest to confirm.

Step 6: Measure resistance of individual secondary wires. specs are 1.5k ohms to 15k ohms (that's what this chart says, but my knowledge says 8k ohms is normal, greater than 12k ohms should be replaced)

If wires are in spec, go to step 7

If wires are bad, replace as needed and retest to confirm

Step 7: Measure resistance from tower to tower on the coil packs (hold tight for good reading). Spec is 8K to 15K.

If coils are in spec, go back up to step 5

If coils are bad, replace as needed and retest to confirm

Step 8:(90% of the time I'll bet the problem is solved by now) Start engine. Perform under hood visual inspection of the ignition system, check for arcing (best done in a dark area, if you are inside a garage, be sure the exhaust is vented). Wet DIS module, coils, and secondary wires with salt water to provide optional ground path (arcing from the wire boot to the valve cover is possible, but would be hidden)

If arcing is present, replace wires or coils as needed and retest to confirm.

If not, go to step 9.

Step 9: Turn ignition off, back probe J3D03 (Circuit 633, brn/wht wire) at PCM with voltmeter. Connect other lead to ground. Turn ignition on, engine off and measure voltage.

less then 4.5 volts, go to step 10

4.5-5.5 volts, go to step 12

more then 5.5 volts, go to step 11

Step 10. Check connections in circuit 633, repair short to ground, retest to confirm

Step 11. Repair short to voltage in circuit 633, retest to confirm.

Step 12. Start engine, and observe voltmeter at idle

less then 2.0 volts, replace DIS module, retest to confirm

2.0 - 4.0 volts, problem intermittent

4.0 - 5.5 volts, go to step 13

more then 5.5 volts, go back up to step 11

Step 13. Turn ignition on, back probe circuit 633 at DIS module with voltmeter, other lead to ground and check voltage.

4.0 volts or less, repair open/high resistance in circuit 633, retest to confirm.

Greater than 4.0 volts, go to step 14

Step 14: Inspect terminal on DIS module for looseness or poor connection.

If terminal is bad, repair it.

If terminal is good, replace the DIS module.

That's the entire diagnostics chart, anybody who has done this in the past feel free to throw in your tips/opinions. I would like to add three things:

1. Check the grounding bolt on the DIS module for corrosion.

2. Be sure the secondary wires are fully seated, you should feel/hear a click

3. Use dielectric grease on the coil towers

2008-01-18 23:43:22
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Pontiac code p0341?

That is the Camshaft Position sensor circuit

What is OBD code P0341?

Camshaft position sensor performance

Where is the camshaft sensor located Code P0341 Saturn SC 2 2001 Thank you.?

There is no camshaft sensor on the engine. Your reading a generic code.

P0341 code for a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier?

Trouble code P0341 means: Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor Performance

What is code p0341 for 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel?

Camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction.

How do you fix a DTC p0340 on a Ford Windstar?

Here's the technical description of the p0340-344 diagnostic trouble codes: P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction P0341 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Performance P0342 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Low Input P0343 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit High Input P0344 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Intermittent Obviously, the camshaft position sensor (CPS) is the probable source of the problem. See "Related Questions" below for more about the CPS

Where is the cam position sensor for 1996 Saturn?

there is no cam sensor on any 1996 saturn- i presume there is a code p0341 set- check the 1/4 plug wires, plugs, and coils

I have a 1999 Saturn SC1 and the auto place says it needs a camshaft position sensor but then people said their no such things?

There is a CRANKSHAFT position sensor which will cause starting problems. there is no camshaft sensor but it does sense through the ign module. If you have a P0341 trouble code the most likely cause is bad ignition wires or a bad coil Very rarely do you need the ignition module for this trouble code

What is a code P0341 on a 1996 Saturn SW2?

Trouble code P0341 means:Camshaft position circuit range/performance

What does the Obd code p0341 stand for?

Trouble code P0341 means:Camshaft position sensor circuit range/performance

99 Chevy Malibu po341?

p0341 is camshaft sensor A-bank 1 ckt range/perf, the cam sensor is bad or the wiring to it.

Fault P0341 check engine light on your 98 jetta the fault code is for the camshaft position sensor what would fix it?

The distributor gear is off by 1 tooth, you probably recently have a a timing belt.

94 gm 3.8 camshaft sensor location?

94 Pontiac bonniville 3.8 error P0341 need location for this component.

What is code P0341 on a 2003 Honda Accord?

This code indicates CMP (Camshaft Position) sensor and CKP (Crankshaft Position) sensor incorrect phase is detected. This code is normally caused by a faulty CMP sensor or faulty wiring to the sensor. However it may also be that the timing belt has jumped. Most likely it is a faulty sensor. Have sensors tested and replace as necessary. To replace the CMP sensor remove the air cleaner and EGR valve.. then disconnect the sensor connector and remove the attached bolt. The sensor will then come out of the intake camshaft side of the cylinder head.

What does the code p0341 mean?

Trouble code P0341 means:Camshaft position circuit range/performance

What is a P0341 on a Chevy S-10?

Trouble code P0341 means:Camshaft position circuit range/performance

What is the diagnostic code P0341 in a 1995 Lumina?

Trouble code P0341 means:Camshaft position circuit range/performance

Check engine light with a p0341 code?

Trouble code P0341 means:Camshaft position circuit range/performance

2001 Cadillac cater p0341 code?

Trouble code P0341 means:Camshaft position circuit range/performance

What does 2002 Honda civic code p0341 mean?

Trouble code P0341 means:Camshaft position circuit range/performance

What is Trouble code 341 dodge ram diesel?

For 1996 and newer Trouble code P0341 means:Camshaft position sensor circuit range/performance

Camshaft position sensor jetta 2.0l?

located near the cam gear on the front of the engine however, the crank sensor, to the right of the oil filter near the bell housing is the part notorious for going out on these cars, and causing a p0322 and/or p0341 code, and sometimes others as well To replace the crank sensor I had to: Support the motor with a floor jack. Remove the starter, 2 of the starter bolts connect to the motor mount. Remove the motor mount from the frame, very easy. Remove the oil filter. That will give you just enough room to get an Allen wrench in to remove the bolt holding the sensor in. No, it's located inside the distributor. Round donut looking like thing under the rotor. I don't think the crankshaft position sensor is going to through a P0341 code....especially when it's specifically for the camshaft.

Is there a Cam shaft position sensor in a 1999 Saturn sl?

No. And you're probably asking because you're getting a "Service Engine" code relative to the cam pos sensor, P0340 or P0341. These codes, on these cars, usually mean you need to replace the spark plugs and/or wires, or clean up all the electrical connections (including grounds) related to the ignition system.The fix is usually very cheap. Unfortunately, many auto parts stores don't understand this, and will, confused that they can't find a listing for a cam pos sensor, will go for something that only sounds similar by name, the crankshaft position sensor. In this case, that's a total waste of money, and does NOTHING for the P0340 or P0341 codes.

What is DTC P0341 for a 2004 Honda?

I had a Diagnostic scan done as well and don't know completely, however, from what i understand the most easy troubleshooting step to take would be changing the Camshaft Postion Sensor (CMP) or a faulty connection of the cmp, if that doesnt fix the problem, the best bet is to go to a Honda dealership and have them resync the CMP and the CKP (crankshaft position sensor)... There are other Diagnosis involving the code P0341 includint The timing belt is out of time Or a cylinder misfire, however in my noobious opinion, you should start with the Cam sensor, it cost about 60 bucks and on the 2001 lx civic it is under the timing housing... Good Luck

How do you fix code p0341?

The code P0341 means that one or more of the following has happened. The cam sensor wiring may be too close to a spark plug wire causing interference, a bad wiring connection at cam sensor, a bad wiring connection at PCM, a bad cam sensor, or a damaged reluctor wheel.