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Check for vacuum hose leaks under the hood, causing the car to run too rich. The Mechanic may have knocked a hose loose or leaned on a hose causing a crack at the connectors while he was changing the belt. It's not difficult to replace an air hose. Take the old hose to a shop and match it up with a new hose. You might have to cut it to fit. If it has a 90 degree bend in the hose, you might just be better off going to a dealer and getting an original replacement with the same 90 degree bend. Be sure and buy band new hose connectors while you are there. Also, Autozone might be able to match the hose up with another off the shelf if you bring it in. They can cut it to the correct length, if they can just match the hose bend with another hose.

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Will stalling damage a car engine?

no, stalling only makes your car stop for a brief moment when shifting geers to fast or not using the clutch correctly

Why is my 1985 Chrysler stalling i lose all electrical power and then it stalls?

check your alternator

Is 1988 Buick electra known for stalling problems?


What could cause a 1989 Chrysler LeBaron convertible to have starting and stalling problems?

Anything and everything, really. What you need to do first is check for fault codes stored in the computer. Chrysler conveniently made them easy to get at. See for a description of how to get them, and what they mean.

Stalling problems with check engine light on?

You need to have the codes read. You can then diagnose the codes. The code will probably point to the cause of the stalling.

What causes a Chrysler Sebring to stall?

When a Chrysler Sebring is stalling it is possible that poor gasoline has been used. It is also possible that the car needs the spark plugs replaced.

Can a fuel filter cause Problems with stalling?

Yes, if it's clogged up.

Why is my car is stalling I just replaced the battery.?

You might own a Daimler-Chrysler product. Consider cleaning (the inside of) the throttle body.

Can a Faulty Camshaft sensor on a 3.5L Chrysler 300M cause my stalling problem when the engine is hot?

Yes, that is one of many possibilities.

Anyone having problems with cruise control on 07 Chrysler Sebring?

yeah... i have a 2007 Chrysler sebring, MY issue was a recall on the tire pressure sensors.... apparently they can cause a short circut and cause inoperative cruise control and engine stalling... Chrysler refuses to fix the car. at all.. if its not in warranty it wont get fixed for fre.. the recall number is H07 also you can go to the crysler web site to see if your vehicle is affected by this recall.

1994 Cadillac deville engine surging problems and stalling out?

A 1994 Cadillac Deville that has an engine surging problem and is stalling out can indicate it is not getting enough fuel. The fuel filter may be clogged.

What does a clogged fuel filter cause for problems?

Hard starting, stalling, and eventually it will burn your fuel pump out.

Can transmission not down shifting cause stalling?

Maybe. If the trans is messed up enough it can drag the engine down. But this is very rare to the point where I would bet it isn't your problem

Why is your 1993 Chrysler LeBaron stalling when you turn the steering wheel?

When my steering caused stalling, the fluid level was low. Filling might fix it. There is sometimes a shut off under the powersteering pump for pressure control that goes bad when the pump is bad. Mary

Why is my car stalling?

stalling, but not often?

Will removing the muffler on a jeep cause problems?

Yes, it will backfire quite a bit, possibly stalling. This will foul your plugs.

Will a bad distributor cause stalling problems in a 1995 Maxima?

A bad distributor will cause stalling in all cars, not just maximas But there alot of other things that can cause stalling to dirty fuel filter - electrical short - dirty injectors - etc. Have a mechanic put it on a diagnostic machine before you invest in a distributor.

What would cause a 1999 Chrysler cirrus to stall at different speeds?

check your spark plugs they could fouling up or gummed up enough to spark for a while then as they heat up become worse. a lot of common problems with engine stalling can be directly related to plugs or coil etc.

How you stop 1990 Chrysler Le baron V6 from stalling?

check to see how dirty your air filter is. if is too dirty it could cause the problem it was the cause of mine.

What is mean by stalling protection of motors?

My Understanding for stalling protection When the motor is overloaded or the Stalling or locking the rotor overheat generated , due the presence the stalling protection operates.

What causes stalling problems in a 1993 Nisson Maxima?

could need a tune up or could have some bad injectors

Toyota tercel 95 stalling?

Stalling under what conditions?

When was Max Stalling born?

Max Stalling was born in 1967.

1988 Chrysler lebaron 2.5 stalls but after 10 or 15 minutes it starts?

Stalling can occur for several reasons. The first step in troubleshooting these cars is to check the fault codes.

1993 Oldsmobile Cutless Ciera...stalling and starting problems?

why does my cutless ciera stall when running and starts back up

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