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because either you fed it petrol it did'nt agree with this is called petrol farting or the garage you bought your last load of petrol sold you mashed up beans instead all i can say if that happened accidents happen

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How can you use the word exhaust in a sentence?

The exhaust from the car in the closed garage killed him.

Can gas fumes ignite in a garage?

Yes, gas fumes can definitely ignite in a garage. This is especially true if your garage is packed with different appliances and tools.

If the garage is unlocked can a reposessor open the garage to take the car?

I would not,as a State of California Licensed Repossessor.I would not! If the garage was open...depending on the situation I might,but definitely not if the garage is closed!

Why does your 2004 Jeep Wrangler start shaking when you approach 45 mph What can you do about it?

exhaust your tyres need balanced any exhaust or tyre garage will sort it.

What is the cost fitted of a 2008 Ford Focus exhaust?

i had my ford focus 2004 1.6 complete exhaust system replaced at the local garage for £334

How do you reset the Exhaust emission light on a 03 vectra?

by using obd2 scanner from your local garage

Why must you never run a car in a small garage?

the danger of all the exhaust, carbon monoxide poisoning.

What will happen if your in the car too long in the garage while running?

The car engine will start to consume all the oxygen in the garage and the exhaust will produce carbon monoxide (Poison gas) eventually you will be depleted of oxygen and feel sleepy as all the oxygen is used up by the cars engine. Then without oxygen you will die. Always open the garage door if you are going to run the cars engine. Always have good ventilation to remove the exhaust from the garage.

How do you fix a tailpipe that has broken away from the muffler?

The exhaust system is probably rotted beyond repair, replacement is best. Doing exhaust work in your driveway isn't fun. Take the vehicle to your local garage and have them evaluate the exhaust system.

Can you store tennis balls in cold weather garage?

Definitely i have like 200 in my garage and i live in Kansas now it's 9 degrees and there perfectly fine.

Can sitting in a closed garage with a running car kill you?

Yes, the carbon monoxide in the exhaust can build up and poison anyone in a closed garage where the car is running. Never a good thing to do.

Is it wrong to reverse your car into the garage?

As long as you're a good enough driver and the garage is roomy enough - No. You'll get a little bit more of exhaust fumes in there, but not really enough to matter.

How do you tell if a room above a garage is safe?

have someone to come out and look at it. In general, you would want to be sure that there is a barrier preventing car exhaust from traveling upstairs and that the roof of the garage supports the apartment.

How do you set the automatic garage door opener on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

u stick it in the exhaust pipe and a bang a bang bang u stick it in the exhaust pipe and a bang a bang bang

Can I purchase garage work benches at Lowes?

You definitely can purchase garage work benches at Lowe's, both in the store and online. Here is a helpful link:

How do you replease an 02 sensor suburban 2001?

the lambda sensor on the exhaust? it usually unscrews, however because the exhaust is extremely hot it can sometimes effectivly weld itself on :( You should give it to a garage to do reli

Is Duramax exhaust dangerous to one's health?

"Yes, all types of exhaust, whether it is from a Duramax Diesel truck, or a gas car, can be harmful to your health. If your vehicle is left on in your garage while you are in there, you can die from the chemicals."

How much would a full exhaust system on a dodge Dakota cost?

I just had mine done by a garage and it was just over $1000

What type of pollution is caused by automobile exhaust?

Carbon Monoxide. For instance, if you let your car running in the garage you could die of CO poisoning.

Can your wife run your hybrid vehicle which is said to have cleaner exhaust than intake inside a closed garage?

no because it still puts out co2

Can a missing dipstick cause a gas or exhaust smell in a car?

No thats something else you should probably go to a garage to sort out if you can smell gas !

Daewoo nubira shuddering when idle and smoke coming from exhaust?

sounds like you have head gasket problem if the exhaust smoke is white in colour then its engine coolant if its blue smoke then its burning oil you will need to get the engine pressure tested at a garage.

Where can one find replacement exhaust pipes for an Audi TT?

There are many places that you may want to search for replacement exhaust pipes for an Audi TT. Some places you may want to try include shops such as Parts Source and your local garage.

Is it safe to sleep in a running car with the air conditioner on?

Yeah. Truck drivers do it all the time. As long as your in the open and not locked in the garage. The exhaust will kill you, otherwise.

Is it safe to paint my van in large garage?

Even with all the garage's doors and windows open it's best to have good local exhaust ventilation for this work.