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2001 S500 ABS sensor light is on temporarily after cold start it goes away after a while?

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This usually indicates that the power supply is low feeding the ABS computer. Check for good grounds and power connection.

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2000 dodge stratus check engine light came on while driving. car started cutting out died then oil light came on and wont start at all?

Get car scanned for codes at most parts stores for free. Could be a CPS crank position sensor or cam position sensor. If crank sensor is bad, will not start. Get codes checked first.

Why would a car start when cold but then wont start after its been running for a while?

in most cases a bad crank sensor or cam sensor

How can you tell if oil sensor works on a 300zx?

This depends on what oil sensor you are asking about. The oil pressure sensor light on the dash will light up every time on the dash just before you start your car and go out as soon as the car starts. If you mean your oil level sensor then you need to turn your key on, DO NOT START THE ENGINE!!, while the oil is drained durring your next oil change. If you pay a quick lube place then warn the person you wish to do this!

Why wont your car start after driving it but will start after letting it sit for a while?

The temperature sensor needs Replacing.

How does the speed of light that emerges from a pane of glass compare with the speed of light incident on the glass?

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What are the symptoms of a bad camkshaft position sensor?

A bad crankshaft sensor will cause a vehicle not to start. The sensor sends a pulse to the system so that the spark plugs fire at the precise moment. If the sensor is intermittent then sometimes the vehicle wont start for no apparent reason, or may turn off while driving. Not sure if the question is about camshaft sensors or crankshaft sensors. Some vehicles will run with the camshaft sensor faulty or unplugged. But it would illuminate the "Check Engine" light.

How do you know if your crank sensor is bad on a Chevy Lumina Z34?

They way you can tell if the Crank sensor is bad, is when you run the car for a while and then turn it off, and when you go to start it back up, it won't start,then it's your crank sensor, it's probably cracked, so when it heats up it expands and doesn't make contact. but if you let the car cool off, it will go back together and start up, A faulty crank sensor should trigger a check engine light.

Why would the check engine light come on in a 1999 Nissan Altima?

Bad sensor have it checked. Depending on the sensor you won't have any real problems for a while

My car wont start after driving it for a while and when it sits without running it will then start?

Check the cars ignition coil and crank sensor. Either of these could be overheating and causing the car to not start until it sits for a while.

What temporarily stores data and programs while your computer is on?

The computer's Random Access Memory (RAM) temporarily stores data and programs while your computer is on.

When your car looses power you restart the car and it runs fine again why could it be the mass airflow sensor?

while driving the car it warms up and becomes dependant on the maf sensor to run the car properly. when you first start the car it runs on a pre programmed set of parameters independent of sensor data until it gets to operational temperatures on various sensors (drive cycle) restarting your car resets the drive cycle temporarily

Why does Engine light comes on while in park when it was cold outside?

possible temp sensor, need to scan it to find out.

What will vehicle do if pip sensor in distributor is going bad or damaged?

if the pip sensor is going bad you can have intermittent no starts or extended crank starts, it may start and run fine, however the next time you try to start it say after work, it won't start, wait a while( perhaps a long while ) and it may start and act like normal for a day or two.

How are aperture iso and shutter speed related?

aperture and shutter speed control the amount of light while iso refers to the sensitivity of the film or sensor to light.

What are symptoms of bad oil sensor?

A bad oil sensor can cause the oil light to come on while pressure is still ok. The sensor could also confuse the computer, causing it to send wrong information to the engine.

My Car cuts out while driving with no warning?

fuel system check engine light on was diagnose as being the fuel sensor now car cuts off while driving What would be the problems? You think maybe the fuel sensor could be bad? It's nice when the check engine light gives you the answer

Battery light is on even you change the alternator. is any reason there while the battery is new?

The battery has a temperature sensor. If it was left unplugged, the battery light will still be on

What problems can an oxygen sensor cause in 2000 Honda Accord?

I have a 2004 honda the engine light has been on for a while, I have had it check out and they said they thought the sensor was just giving a bad code. I went to start it today and it wont start. wants to but wont. I checked the oil even though its just at 3,000 mile to be changed and it was so low. A faulty O2 sensor will not cause a no start condition. I will cause loss of power and poor fuel mileage. You need to take your Honda to a professional who can diagnose your problem and not guess at what is wrong.

Why does your dodge durango stop running when the security light goes on and vehicle won start for a while after?

The red light indicates a failure in the security system. It will not start with a failure.

What are the materials needed to start photosynthesis?

Light, carbon dioxide, and water are the materials needed to start photosynthesis. The carbon dioxide is needed for the Calvin cycle while the light and water are required for the light reactions.

Which temporarily store date programs while you are using them?


Temporarily hold both data and instructions while it is processing them?

The Ram - Random Access Memory temporarily holds programs and data while the computer is on and allows the computer to access that information randomly.

Why does a 1984 Corvette feed much to much gas into the intake if the engine check light is not on but when the light is on run normally?

When the lite is on the engine runs on a set of specs. When itis off, the computer controls the mixture. Have the codes read and repair what is causing the light. Does this seem to happen at different times? Does it seem to happen when you attempt to start the car after it has reached operating temp? Does it just happen when youslow or stop for a light and stall the engine? If you say yes to any of these questions, it may be the cold start sensor. This was a pretty common problem when the car first came out and had GM baffled for a while. Replace the sensor and it should fix the problem. The sensor acts like a choke whencold, giving a rich fuel mixture for cold start. When it goes bad, it gets confused and will give a rich mixture after the engine comes to operating temp and flood the engine. To start a flooded engine, take off the top of the air cleaner, unplug the injectors, start the engine and burn out the fuel. Just before the engine stalls, plug in the injectors and the computer will reset for a while and the car will run fine until next time the sensor gets confused.

Can an oil sensor and a cam sensor defect cause a car to stall?

Yes. A bad cam sensor can cause slight hesitation of the vehicle, ultimately resulting in complete loss of power suddenly while accelerating. If bad, the cam sensor worsens, possible causing the vehicle not to start.

Why would a 92 Cavalier start when it is cold but not stay running after a while?

mine did that and i replaced the crank shaft sensor,problem was fixed

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