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2002 Nissan Sentra SER Tune Up?

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2009-05-20 09:24:44

Tune-Ups Are Very Simple. Change the Oil, I use Castrol Syntec

10W-30. Flush and change your engine coolant if it hasn't been one

in 5 years(take it to a shop, you really dont save much money doing

it yourself). Also, change the fuel filter if you need to(generally

at 100k mi). Also the air filter if needed. Transmission/Clutch

fluid needs to be done as well. Ensure they are flushed. Many ppl

dont realize how much metal shavings from wear on gears and gunk

build up you'd get in your transission. As long as the transmission

isn't slipping, you dont have to rush it. Also check belts and

pulleys for wear and cracking. The most important thing is spark

plugs. Never trust the igniter gap, even the pre-gapped ones,

they're just a universal estimate. Buy a igniter gap gauge if you

have to. They're usually like $1. Use titanium plugs, like NGK, if

you want optimum performance. Its the little things you do that can

make a big difference in performance.

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