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2002 Pontiac firebird idles hard when ac is on only how to correct?

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An air conditioning compressor places a heavy load on an engine, especially when the engine is idling. If the engine is running rough at idle with the a/c on, try changing the spark plugs, air filter element, and the oil and oil filter. If your car has a four cylinder engine, you may have to turn the idle speed up slightly. Shift the transmission into 'Neutral' while waiting at stoplights to reduce the load on the engine. Buy premium gasoline, instead of regular. Take the car for a long drive on the freeway.

2006-07-20 05:06:52
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What does a 2015 Pontiac firebird have in it?

There is no 2015 Pontiac Firebird or any other Pontiac. The last Pontiac Firebird was made in 2002. Pontiac is a defunct brand that has not been produced since 2010.

Which car company made the Firebird car?

Pontiac made the Firebird car. Pontiac started making the Firebird in 1967, and the latest model was produced in 2002.

Where is the inertia switch located on a 2002 Pontiac Firebird?

A 2002 Pontiac Firebird is manufactured by General Motors (GM). Vehicles manufactured by GM are not equipped with an inertia switch.

In what year was the last Pontiac Firebird made?

In the year 2002.

Will a 1998 through 2002 Pontiac firebird honeycomb taillights fit on a 1994 firebird trans am?


When did the Pontiac Firebird go out of production?

The Pontiac Firebird was produced between 1967 and 2002. The car went through 4 generations in it's life time and was also related to the Firebird Trans Am.

Does Pontiac still make the Firebird?

No. General Motors, or to be more specific, the Pontiac division of General Motors ceased production of the Pontiac Firebird model in 2002. The Pontiac division itself became defunct in 2010.

Where is the slave cylinder located on a 2002 Pontiac Firebird?

inside the bell housing

Have the catalytic converters been recalled on 2002 Pontiac firebird?

no i don't think there was one in 2002 but there was in 2000.

Where is bank 1 on a 2002 firebird 5.7L?

Bank 1 is the drivers side of your 5.7 liter V8 engine in a Pontiac Firebird

Are rotors free floating on a 2002 Pontiac firebird?

yes, if they aren't you will loose braking efficiency

Where is the coolant temperature sensor located in a Pontiac firebird 2002?

on the 3800 V6 its below the throttle body

Firing order sequence 2002 Pontiac firebird v6?

The firing order for the 2002 Pontiac Firebird 3.8 liter FI OHV 6-cylinder is 165432. You can view a diagram of the firing order on the AutoZone website. Select your make and model, and click on Repair Help.

2002 Pontiac firebird won't start?

do u have spark injector plus fuel supply need info

Where is the flasher relay located on a 2002 Pontiac Firebird?

Right of steering column, mounted to bottom of instrument panel carrier.

What size wiper blades go on a 1998-2002 Pontiac firebird?

All 1998-2002 Pontiac Firebirds/Trans Ams take 24" replacement windshield wiper blades on both sides front.

Can you replace a 1996 Pontiac Firebird trans am stock tail light with a 2002 stock tail light?

Yes, they are direct bolt in

Will taillights from a 1998 Pontiac Firebird fit in a 1994?

from 97 till 2002 will fit 93-2002 all use the same size. 93 were basic, 94-97 basic or hatched, 98-2002 had additionally the honeycomb. They ALL fit each other Firebird, Formula, and TA.

What is the last year of the firehawk?

The Firehawk was introduced in 1991 and was produced every year through the final production year of the Pontiac Firebird in 2002.

What is the correct tire pressure for a 2002 Pontiac sunfire?

The side of the driver's door on my 2002 Pontiac sunfire is a little hard to read, but I believe it says 30 PSI.

Where is the drain plug and oil filter located on a 2003 Pontiac Firebird?

There ain't no 2003 Pontiac Firbird repair manuals available yet. What happened to your owner manual? If you own a 2003 Firbird you can afford to go get the oil changed at Quik Copy. Make sure you watch and learn where the plug and filter is located. It's a cheap learning lesson. There's no such thing as a 2003 Firebird! They were last made in 2002. As for the location of the drain plug and filter, you can probably find it in an online manual. Just do a web search for 2002 Pontiac Firebird Owner's Manual. If it's not in there, join a Firebird discussion group/message board like Firebird Nation or something.

When was Firebird Books created?

Firebird Books was created in 2002.

What size wipers for 2002 firebird?

The 2002 Pontiac Firebird wiper blade sizes are 24" wiper blades on both sides front. Do not buy by length-only however. See Sources and Related Links below for more information. Since there are over 22 different wiper arm attachments - be sure to lookup exact wiper blade part numbers by vehicle make, model and year for the brand wiper you decide to purchase. This ensures correct length AND correct attachment.

What happened to the Pontiac Firebirds and when will Pontiac continue making the Firebird?

What happened to Firebirds is that they were outsold by Ford Mustangs and didn't give Pontiac a big enough market share in the segment. In other words, the bean-counters killed it. It will come back when someone comes up with a concept that they can convince Pontiac management will make money. In the mean time, check out the GTO, or the soon to be introduced Solstice to get your Pontiac "excitement" fix. Darkfriend adds: They quit making them in 2002, along with the ever popular Camaro. The Camaro has been reintroduced in 2010 and has some characteristics of both Camaro and Firebird. The Firebird will likely never make a comeback.

2002 Mercury Mountaineer idles high in park?

where is the i.a.c in a mercury muntaineer 2002