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OK, if the left turn signal light flashes on the trailer when you hook it up I would pretty much think it has to be the bulbs or sockets are bad in your truck. I'd put a new bulb in and seee what happens before anything else. If no help, pull one of the bulbs and put a test light in there and see if it flashes.

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The Left turn signal on a 2002 avalanche is not working the indicator in the vehicle comes on but signals dont?

It could be the bulb(s), or possibly a faulty connection but if all bulbs are ok, it's probably the turn signal.

A substance such as litmus that signals the presence of something?


When are turn indicator signals requires on a vehicle?

You can keep ignoring that apparatus

How do you fix turn signals and hazards after the fuses and bulbs have both been checked?

Replace the flasher.

What causes the 2005 crown Victoria turn signals to flashes very fast?

You probably have a bulb out. Remember, the rear has two blinker bulbs

How do i fix my turn signals on mt 2001 dodge ram the hazards dont work nor do the signals. nothing flashes quickly nothing happens at all. i checked the fuses and replaced the multi func. switch.?

Did you replace the flashers? if not, that's the problem. They are located on the right of the fuse box, two round metal things. About the size of a large botle cap. Runs about 6 bucks for both.

What would cause my Turn signals and brake lights do not work on a 2000 Chevy cavalier?

have you checked your fuses?

Why do your turn signals only work when you tilt your steering wheel?

When I drive, the turn signals work fine when I'm not tilting the steering wheel. So if I were you, I'd get your car checked out.

Why have your turn signals died on your 1991 Pontiac Firebird?

Turn signals just quit working- have replaced flasher- checked all bulbs and fuses, checked all obvious wires, cleaned grounds, replaced the turn signal switch (that was an adventure). At a loss- any help out there? Hazards work fine- all other lights work fine- turn signals dead

Turn signals fine with headlight off Headlight on front signals flash slowly rear malfunction Turn R results in rear R lamp off L flashes weakly Turn L results in R lamp flashes weakly L stays on weak?

Check the rear ground wire. Make sure it's properly connected to the vehicle frame.

Why would a 1996 Chevy Lumina have no turn signals if you have checked all fuses and bulbs?

Defective flasher relay.

Your turn signals wont work on 2000 dodge durango but checked all the fuses?

Could be the flasher unit.

Where is the high beam indicator lamp on a 1994 dodge caravan?

On the upper dash panel between the turn signals.GLDean

What is a risk trigger?

In Project Management, a risk trigger is an identified measure or indicator that signals to the project that the risk event may occur.

What do warning symbols on dash board mean?

i think warning signals mean that something need to be checked on the vehicle, so it would really be an indication that mechanically something is wrong and needs to be checked out

1988 Chevy s-10 pickup turn signal indicator not working?

If turn signals are working could be a bad bulb If turn signals are not working--could be fuse flasher or problem in steering column

My turn signals don't work on my 1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport but my hazards do. I've checked my all my fuses so what could the problem be?

Did U checked the turn ligths flasher, switch and wiring?

My hazards work but turn signals dont in a 1987 acura integra checked the fuses and the relay but still not working?

It could be the turn signal bulbs, some vehicles use separate bulbs for the hazard and turn signals. It could also be a bad switch or wires for the turn signals.

Why do turn signal only work when high beams are on?

Take your car in to have it checked. Turn signals should work without high beams.

What needs checked on a motorcycle after it has been dropped?

Fluid leaks, security of battery, straightness of bars, pegs, levers and frame. Lights and signals

Turn signals not working for Acura Integra?

my turning signals dont work on my 91 integra LS. They were working a day before. so the next day they werent. I also had battery problems but i had checked every single fuse and the fuses arent burn. My turning signals do not work what so ever.

What could be wrong with the signals on a 92 Pontiac Sunbird if flashers and fuses have been checked?

Replace the whole arm on the steering column. Its a switch as well! He's right, these cars are known for steering column issues related to signals and horn.

Why won't the turn signals work in a 2001 Toyota corolla?

probably because you need to get new light bulbs, go get that checked!! that's dangerous

You have a 1983 Chrysler e-class and both your turn signals and brake lights don't work you have checked your fuses and everything Why aren't They still working?

check the ground on your tailights R.W: Have you checked the turn signal switch? That may have to be replaced.

How do you know your turn signals are burning out?

You know a turn signal has burnt out when the light on the dash flashes very slowly, or just stays on until you cancel the signal. I don't think there is any way to know that it is about to burn out.