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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, the most probable cause would be a blown head gasket. Has the engine ever been overheated at any point? This will usually cause this problem. The mechanic should carefully look over the engine block to make sure there are no cracks in the cylinder walls, and check the cylinder head for cracks and warpage. The head gasket seats between the block and the head. There are 2 heads on your engine. If the block is cracked, then you will need a short block, and recommend rebuilt heads as well. Make sure they look it over really good, and I also recommend a new radiator cap, and thermostat. This is the most common cause of overheating.

it could also be bad intake gaskets on the 3.1, I had the same problem with oil in coolant, so I changed intake gaskets, flushed out system, put in new thermotat that was 3 months ago, and the car is still fine. no more oil in coolant!!

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Intake gaskets on the 3.1 and 3.4 GM engines are the primary cause of coolant in the oil (just did my brother's today). He didn't overheat his so the head gaskets were ok. Had to change the oil three times before stopped looking like choclate milk. Used the LIS48500 Push rod tool to make the job easier.

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Q: 2003 Malibu 3.1 engine oil in the coolant tank what could be the problem?
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The coolant fluid is pouring out of a 01 malibu. what could be the problem?


Your 2004 Malibu temperature is cold all the time What could be the problem?

coolant tempure sensor,thermastat

When they change the engine on your 1999 Chevy Malibu a month ago and now it overheats what is the problem?

could be many things, most likely it needs oil, needs coolant, or it could just have a faulty thermostat, simple

What is the cause of a coolant leak on top of engine of a 1992 Chevy truck 305 engine?

Could be a problem with the thermostat housing or it's gasket, could be a problem with intake manifold gaskets, could be a problem with heater hoses or the fittings that screw into the manifold.

2007 cobalt 2.2 engine oil in coolant tank what could be the problem?

If it is an automatic transmission, the cooler in the radiator is most likely leaking into the coolant system.

What causes dic to say engine power reduced on Chevy Malibu?

A warning on the dic showing an engine power reduce, indicates that there is an electrical problem with the Chevy Malibu. These issues could be worn or damaged sensors, wiring issues, a weak battery, engine overheating or stored codes that could be causing the warning.

Why is the engine overheating when engine coolant was just put in?

The coolant temp. sensor could be bad....or the thermostat could be stuck shut.....there are a few things it could be actually

What could be the problem if my fan isn't working?

Need more info. Engine coolant fan? HVAC fan? What year? What model?

There's a coolant leak at the back of the engine in my 92 topaz is this a common problem and is this expensive to fix?

could be core plugs between engine and transmission(freeze plugs)

Your 2000 Chevy Malibu is overheating it looks like you have a leak at the intake manifold When you turn the heater on the temp to the engine starts to come down it cools back down What could be wrong?

u need to replace the engine coolant thermostat

My car is leaking coolant from the top of my engine under the manifold and dripping down drivers side what could be wrong with my '99 Chevy Malibu leaking coolant?

My car is is running hot and smoking... i discovered the coolant was low i added new coolant and its pouring out the bottom of my car My car is is running hot and smoking... i discovered the coolant was low i added new coolant and its pouring out the bottom of my car

Is it safe to drive your car if engine coolant has leaked out?

It will be safe to drive short distance as long as the car does not over heat. You can top up the engine coolant or use water/coolant mixture till you fix the problem which could be leaking hose pipe. leaking radiator or faulty radiator cap

How long can you drive with oil leading into the radiator?

Oil in the radiator indicates a possible severe problem, where coolant could also leak into the oil. Driving an engine in this situation at all could lead to severe engine damage.

How do you diagnose error code 118 high temperature input Audi a4?

Diagnostic error code number 118 with high temperature input on a Audi A4 means that the engine coolant is not running at the right temperature. When the engine is cold, it should be warm, and when the engine is warm, the temperature should be cooler in the engine. The problem could be with the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor or the vehicle could be low on fluid.

Could the temp coolant sensor cause the truck to run cold?

The coolant sensor moniters the coolant temperature. A faulty thermostat could cause the engine to run cool.

Could the bottle for the coolant cause over heating if it has a split in it?

If the coolant reservoir can not maintain the proper level of coolant, it is possible the engine could over heat when the level drops.

Low coolant light comes on in a 2001 Alero and the temperature usually doesnt run hot but will sometimes over heat What could cause this?

Check your oil and see if coolant has leaked into the engine...A known problem with 3.8L engines are defective intake manifold gaskets that allow coolant into the engine block. Costly repair.

Why would a 90 Lexus LS400 overheat rapidly when a new thermostat was installed and the engine coolant is full what could be the cause of this problem?

check the water pump

What cause water in the crankcase?

A small amount of water can be condensation, however, if it smells like or contains anti-freeze, you have a major engine problem - possibly a cracked engine block which allows the coolant to seep into the crankcase. It could also be a blown "head gasket" which is a less serious problem, but still a large job to fix. This too could allow coolant to leak into the crankcase in some cars.

What is the cause of a coolant leak on top of a 1997 Taurus 3.0 engine?

If you have coolant on the top of the engine it could be a leaky thermostat housing or a leaking intake gasket.

2004 Trailblazer. Checked the code and the problem was the engine coolant temp sensor just replaced the part and engine light came on again checked the code and said it was the same part any help?

Could be a problem with the wiring from the computer to the sensor.

What makes it run hot?

There are several possible causes for an engine to run hot. It could be low on coolant. The thermostat could be stuck closed. The engine cooling fan is not coming on. There is a blockage in the water jacket, or a problem with the water pump. It could also be a combination of those problems.

If a 1998 Mercury Cougar heating system does not blow hot air but there is plenty of coolant in radiator what could be the problem?

Plugged heater core maybe. Maybe the thermostat. Coolant keeps your engine cool under duress. If the thermostat is stuck open, the engine is staying too cool. Your heat is run off of your engine temperature.

Why does your 1992 areostar overheat in -30 temp?

The coolant could have frozen in the radiator. If that happens the coolant in the engine will just get hotter. It could also be the thermostat.

Does a 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette have an oil cooler?

Yes, the 2000 Olds Silouette has an engine oil cooler, as well as a transmission oil cooler for the automatic tranny. The engine oil cooler is built in to the engine oil filter housing. Water/coolant enters from the engine block, circulates around the filter housing and exits through a tube to the lower intake manifold. If an engine starts getting oil in the coolant and coolant in the engine oil, this could very well be the source of the problem. An internal leak.