2004 Kia Rio Passenger side door will not open door is unlocked how do you remove door panel while door is closed?

Hi there. I'm a Kia Tech and I've had this problem come up many times the screws that hold the lock/unlock mechanism on the side is jamming against the body. The way to get it open is to get someone to hold the handle up and kick the door open from the inside THAT MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE DOOR TRIM KEEP IN MIND. Or another way is to manualy lift the rod which is located inside the door having the window down and pulling hard. The door will open.

Once you have the door open you will notice the srews are screwed in half way that's the problem. You will also notice the paint is scratched from the screws being unsrewed get some thread lock liquid put it on the tread and screw the screw back in and that's it. I hope I have helped you.